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  1. cassandranne

    cassandranne New Member

    hey new to the forum..just have a question.

    i have a samsung galaxy s and have saved some wallpapers on my sd shows up in the gallery.. when i press the home screen to choose where i want to pick the wallpaper from its either gallery or wallpaper gallery or wallpaper gallery adw.. i wanna kno how to put the pics from gallery into the wallpaper gallery cuz when i try to make wallpapers out of gallery i cant crop the whole image, it only lets me crop half of it..

    hope someone can help :)

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello cassandranne, and welcome to Android Forums.

    You can use your file manager to move things around. "My Files" is the stock app in many Android devices. Better yet are the many 3rd party file managers available in Market, most free.

    You'll have to go in and explore for a while, to learn what is where. ;) But it's well worth the trouble. You'll find folders with names such as "media," "wallpapers," "backgrounds," etc. It can be a bit daunting, but once you figure out where the stock wallpapers are in your device, you can start moving other pics to that folder.

    To me, the best way to do that sort of thing is using a computer. Make sure your USB debugging is checked, in menu > settings > applications > development. Also make sure you select to not "charge only" when you connect your USB cable from your phone to the USB port on your computer.

    You can explore and manipulate files that way once you have the drivers for your device installed on your computer:

    [Drivers] MS Windows x86 and x64 USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S - xda-developers

    Those driver files are for Windows. If you have a Mac or Linux box you'll need to do a search. ;)

    Good luck. Have fun.
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  3. cassandranne

    cassandranne New Member

    thanks for that.. i've pretty much gone through every option in every folder (did on computer) but no luck in finding where these files are stored... :(

    i guess if i cant figure this out, anyone know any wallpaper apps that dont crop and actually display the whole picture? thanks
  4. steeharry

    steeharry Active Member

    i may be preaching to the converted, but you do know you can make the box that selects the part of the picture bigger?. drag the corner out.
  5. cassandranne

    cassandranne New Member

    LOL ROFL... as i said.. the box only expands to half of the actual picture.. im not that illiterate i just cant find where the files are stored so wondering if anyone knows.. can't find any stock wallpaper files or sounds in file manager..
  6. alpinedigital

    alpinedigital New Member

    I started using MultiPicture Live Wallpaper which not only allowed a full image to load, but can swap them from page to page with transition effects.

    Problem with this - rebooting the phone. It seems to lose track of the folder you use to select the images from so you have to run thru tons of configuration screens to re-select it. I figure this is because its on the SD card, and all the media scanning isn't done yet as it attempts to load images, which is why I am here, trying to find out where a nice place would be to stick a folder of images onto the phone memory with the rest of them. :eek:
  7. dbmathis

    dbmathis New Member

    On my Note 3 they are in /system/wallpaper

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