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  1. jlhog

    jlhog Active Member

    Me the new guy here. Is there a way to move pictures from the camera memory to the SD card? What about having all pictures or video stored directly to the SD card? I have looked and searched and cannot find a thing.:mad: LG Optimus V

  2. David73

    David73 Well-Known Member

    All pictures and video are automatically saved to SD
  3. jlhog

    jlhog Active Member

    My phone dont appear to be doing that. The pictures I have on the sd card were loaded via usb cable. Then it also shows camera and those I took using the camera. When I go to gallery is shows "camera" and "sdcard" Is there a setting someplace or am I missing something?
  4. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    AFAIK, there is no way to store pics in main memory. The default camera will not save without an sd card installed. There are various sub directories where different camera apps store their pics. Sometimes pics will be stored in an app created sup named after the app, more commonly it's /camera or /DCIM. Some you can change, some like the default camera you cannot. All store on the sd card. The gallery will find them all. Personally, since the Evo's default app uses /DCIM, I have my other camera apps, vignette(recommended) and camera zoom fx(not) store there too.
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  5. jlhog

    jlhog Active Member

    OK, so even though it says camera the pictures are stored on the sd card. Thay could not make that any more confusing. Thanks for all the help!!!
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