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How to Mustymod

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  1. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Flashing MustyMod 1_03b

    Flashing mustymod will overwrite your recovery so if you are coming from galaxo/galaxhero and want to go back after trying mustymod, you will need to use fastboot etc to re-flash drakaz's recovery back as mustymod uses it's own recovery image.
    Be sure to flash a stock II5 firmware back first, using Odin, if you plan on going back to galaxo/galaxhero.

    Also note that some people have reported that running mustymod can screw with you google account. I signed up for a new google account to use with mustymod just in case.


    Things you will need:

    1: The 1_03b ROM, which you can get here: mustymod Samsung Galaxy Rom
    2: Odin, which you can get here: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    3: Make sure you have all the required drivers for the phone installed

    If you don't have drivers installed for the phone the thread here has all the info you need:


    Read the part called:
    How to Install Drivers (ex ADB)


    Extract the mustymod_Eclair_v1_03b.rar achive into a new folder, you should now have the following 4 files:



    Once you have the drivers and files sorted,
    start with the phone powered off and NOT plugged into your computer, boot the phone in download mode by pressing Volume Down + OK + Power On
    The phone should boot to download mode, now connect the phone to your PC with the USB data cable.

    Next we run odin.

    Under "select OPS", press the "OPS" button, then navigate to the "Orion.ops" file, it's in the same directory as Odin.
    Under "Select images to download", press each button and navigate to where you extracted mustymod_Eclair_v1_03b.rar. Choose each .tar file respectively for: BOOT, PHONE, PDA, CSC

    The rest of the settings should be left alone.
    Hit the "Start" button, and wait....

    Once finished the phone will re-boot into musty's recovery where you should choose: wipe data/factory reset
    Once thats done, you can choose re-boot. You should see the fimiliar samsung and android logo's, then a shiny new 2.0
    It may take a bit longer to boot than 1.5, it did for me on my galaxy.

    Thanks to many of the people on androidforums for all the help they have provided.
    If you find anything wrong in this tutorial, please post and I will update as necessary.

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  2. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    good job :)
  3. ryko

    ryko Well-Known Member

    Nice :)
  4. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    added to Guides
  5. informale

    informale Well-Known Member

    and linked to from the latest firmware sticky
  6. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    I have a question - If i flash to mustymod and after using it if i want to go back to the L3 or k4 or whatever i am on right now, is that possible? And do i need to root the phone to use mustymod ? or is flashing mustymod on the phone same as flashing any other firmware etc?
  7. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    Does this part of the first post answers your question: "Be sure to flash a stock II5 firmware back first, using Odin, if you plan on going back to galaxo/galaxhero."?
  8. Snazzy

    Snazzy Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry for the newbness but this sentence does not make sense to me. I read it as "I should flash my phone with II5 before I attempt Musty if I plan to go back to my old firmware". Am I interpreting it correctly?
  9. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    to make it short, you can go back to k4 or l3 firmware after trying musty, only problem is google account that will be screwed so just sign for a new one when on musty.
  10. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    Well, i dont use a galaxo - Still a newbie to all this - which is why i asked that - but your 2nd response makes it clearer - tHanks - and can mustymod be flashed like other firmwares?
  11. Terry

    Terry Well-Known Member

    Yes Mustymod is flashed just like any stock firmware. Put the phone into download mode and flash using odin.

    Galaxo/Galaxhero, differs in that you don't use odin, you use fastboot instead to flash a custom recovery, the custom recovery then has the tools to push the ROM update onto the phone.
  12. badassballer

    badassballer Well-Known Member

    Cool - thanks - makes sense now -
  13. Tomate

    Tomate New Member

    Hi all!

    I want to upgrade my Mustymod from 1.02a to 1.03b, but my Odin don't find my phone.

    I already tested on fastboot mode and recovery mode.

    I don't know what I have to do!
    Someone could help me?!

    Thank you!
  14. Andronix

    Andronix Well-Known Member

    Odin works only in "download" mode, not fastboot or recovery.
  15. Tomate

    Tomate New Member

    Hi! Was that!
    I'm with 1.03 now! :D

    There are three ways to boot Samsung Galaxy:

    • Fastboot mode: call + power;
    • Recovery mode: vol-down + call + power (hold home + back to exit);
    • Download mode: vol-down + ok + power
    Thank you!!
    Now, waiting next releases...
  16. heavyharmony

    heavyharmony Member

    That sucks. Im having the dreaded "Fastboot wont work in win7 64" issue. I dual boot linux/windows so I might as well try fastboot in that as well.
  17. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Well-Known Member

    check my simple rooting guide
    i run x64 win7 pro and got fastboot working
    someone also linked fastboot drivers on there
  18. heavyharmony

    heavyharmony Member

    I ended up using linux haha it took like 5 minutes where trying with windows took like 5 hours and multiple downloads to ultimately fail.
  19. disparate

    disparate New Member

    Worked! Thank you :)
  20. sgx100

    sgx100 Well-Known Member

    Dude can you tell how it worked in linux
    Hv a Linux gig with me ... Only issue have no clue so as to go about working and flashing in Linux

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