How to only sync Gmail My Contacts and not All Contacts

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  1. Windy

    Windy Member

    Hi - noobie here just had my unit for 24 hours!

    Having spent a couple of hours tidying up all My Contacts in readiness to sync with my Hero I was a bit hacked off to find 500+ contacts based upon all my email via Gmail.

    So thought it would useful to share how to set up the Hero to only sync My Contacts, by default it set to sync All Contacts.

    I actually found this on a Google support forum at:

    Just want to sync 'My Contacts' on Android, not everything! - Google Mobile Help

    This is how to do it from there:

    Via People, open Groups tab and press Menu you have the option "Sync Groups".
    Press that and you have me the options:
    - Sync all contacts
    - My Contacts

    Untick 'Sync all', hit Save and you are done!

    Hope this helps.

  2. sta-shaun

    sta-shaun New Member

    Thanks for this post - I was struggling with this myself. Problem is, I have since fixed up all my phone contacts. If I do a sync now with only "My Contacts", do you know if all my Google contacts on my phone will be replaced (I have added the phone numbers to some of the contacts I got from Google after my original messy sync)?

    Also, does the sync work the other way? I.e., will my Google contacts now have the phone number?

    The best way might be for me to just try it and see, I guess...
  3. Windy

    Windy Member

    Hi Shaun

    If you choose to only sync My Contacts then only these will be synchronised, but all the other contacts that are not included in My Contacts will be deleted.

    Hope this helps.
  4. humbug

    humbug Member

    Thanks - that was really useful!

    You'll probably save people a lot of time with that tip.
  5. Tsais

    Tsais Member

    I wish it did for me too. But on Android 2.3.3, none of those menu choices are available.

    I presume what you guys call 'people' is now called 'contacts' which is started by the second from the left icon in the drawer?

    Once in contacts, menu choices are as follows:
    sync contacts
    import/export >
    my profile >
    merge with google
    more >

    Under 'more' theres the following choices:
    view friends > add account | no SNS accounts
    accounts > manage accounts (with only choice to sync or remove)
    speed dial settings >
    send email >
    send message >
    settings > save new contacts to | service numbers | send contact
    display options > various commands + a choice to 'show' only certain groups from gmail, but nothing to avoid syncing.

    Does this mean Google made it impossible to avoid syncing all your contacts in 2.3.3, and you only get to choose which ones you're displaying?
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    People is the HTC Sense contacts app. ;)

    Your Contacts app is specific to Samsung's SGS2 I believe, but the one in my CM7-based 2.3.4 ROM is similar. The Groups feature may be specific to HTC handsets.
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  7. Tsais

    Tsais Member

    It wasn't clear to me, that even if you buy an unbranded phone, there will still be alterations by the manufacturers, even to core functionality of Android...

    I thought they were mostly adding widgets and cosmetic stuff with sense or touchwiz...

    This explains a few other odd things I've encountered....
  8. stevenroose

    stevenroose Member

    this only works for Sense.

    I'm running Android 2.3 with CM7.1 and there's no such option.

    I can choose which contacts to DISPLAY, but it still syncs the 12k "other contacts" filling my phone with 32MB of data :s

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