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  1. pirate85

    pirate85 New Member

    I want to open jar(like games and books) files on my xperia, how to browse them without any external apps like Astro file explorer. IS there any inbuilt explorer available in the Xperia X10??????? Plz help......

  2. wynney666

    wynney666 Well-Known Member

    as far as i know they wouldnt work anyway,
    unless there is a java app, as thats what a Jar file is, a Jave game/program.
    so no there wouldnt be a way with out an external app.
  3. pirate85

    pirate85 New Member

    can you recommend any good apps which can be downloaded from the market?????
  4. wynney666

    wynney666 Well-Known Member

    personally no i cant mate.
    not something ive needed to do tbh
    but did some googleing for you and a couple of links

    Post on forums already below

    External Links to Jar / Android Posts

    Using Java libraries (jar’s) in Android applications Eclipse Papercuts Jar-ing through the Android Library

    You Tube Guide

    Good Luck - Please post back any Success or Fail as other people may find usefull.
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