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  1. Parikh

    Parikh Member

    My phone got water damaged, so I was wondering if there was some way to open the back cover underneath the battery so we can try to remove the moisture??

  2. hipster7929

    hipster7929 Well-Known Member

    There are videos on youtube on how to take apart a g2, voids warranty of course, not that I think you are worried about that at this point
  3. Parikh

    Parikh Member

    1 more question.. I got everything to work fine it looks like but for some reason, the screen color is very pale compared to usual. Any thoughts on fixing this?

    Edit: Now when I tried to charge it, the screen just went black and nothing works anymore. I tried pressing the upper button and then swyped the unlock button and it worked because you could see the buttons light up, but the screen is still black. Any one know what is going on? Is my phone officially dead because of water damage?
  4. Queue515

    Queue515 Active Member

    Sounds like you killed your LCD. Try taking your battery cover off, take battery out open the z-hinge, then put everything in a ziploc bag full of uncooked rice for a day or so.

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