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[How-To] Overclock your Droid X

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  1. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

    find it droider?

    With RE:

    I went to
    mount to rw
    open install-recovery.sh with text editor
    add two lines:

    insmod /system/lib/modules/overclock.ko

    save and exit
    reboot, and there you go...

    Also, thanks Hilbe for guiding me through all that.

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  2. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    No what is wrong?
    I checked in /system/etc
    and /etc
    Even tried a reboot
  3. PJ.

    PJ. Member

    Not showing up for me either..

    When I adb pull /system/etc/install-recovery.sh

    I get

    adb: not found

    Can't find in RE, either.
  4. Hilbe

    Hilbe Well-Known Member

    My how-to assumes the user has a computer with ADB installed.
  5. PJ.

    PJ. Member

    I've got adb, lol.

    It's what I've been using to OC and execute the setscaling.sh scripts lol.

    I can't locate the install-recovery.sh, not even in RE.
  6. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    Take off that period at the end of step one to avoid confusion. I am sure when people start copying and pasting this there will be problems;)

    You need to add the .sh to setscaling;)
    P.s I still can't find it
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  7. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

    Good call! I have no clue what to say. Are you using RE? I'm assuming actually that you are trying every way.
  8. humungus

    humungus Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys. I got this running at boot as well.
  9. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I even tried making it in notepad++ because it has that option and it still doesn't work. I wish there was a crying "smiley"
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  10. Hilbe

    Hilbe Well-Known Member

    Took the "." off my how-to for you guys. Also, there are a few other scripts called on startup, but I'm not sure if they will work as well as install-recovery.sh. Here are some others to try:

  11. PJ.

    PJ. Member

    I searched RE for install-recovery.sh

    No sign of it at all. I'm not sure what's going on here...lol
  12. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    Something is wrong I looked in RE too

    C:\Users\Jeff\Desktop\tools>adb pull /data/misc/wifi/forward_start.sh
    remote object '/data/misc/wifi/forward_start.sh' does not exist

    C:\Users\Jeff\Desktop\tools>adb pull /data/misc/wifi/forward_stop.sh
    remote object '/data/misc/wifi/forward_stop.sh' does not exist
  13. kastleberg

    kastleberg Well-Known Member

    Well, this is all very strange.
  14. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    Lets see...
    I am running .604
    I have Nextheme but I don't think this could be causing this...could it? Who has nextheme? PJ.?
    thats about it :(
    What is wrong?!?!?!?!?!?
  15. PJ.

    PJ. Member

    Yeah, I'm running nextheme.

    I can't find it, I'm stumped.
  16. D13

    D13 Well-Known Member

    kastleberg, what about you?
  17. Hilbe

    Hilbe Well-Known Member

    Maybe nextheme removed it? I don't run nextheme, I'm bone stock.
  18. Dulaney22

    Dulaney22 Member

    Can't find it in mine either. Search yields nothing as well.
  19. Hilbe

    Hilbe Well-Known Member

    For those that don't have it, here is my install-recovery.sh. Unzip, drop in /system/etc, and use at your own risk. Permissions look like:

    -r-xr--r-- root root 470 2010-08-09 22:04 install-recovery.sh

    What is that? chmod 644? It is late, I'm heading to bed. Best of luck.

    Attached Files:

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  20. ooja3k

    ooja3k Well-Known Member

    yeah no install-recovery.sh to be found. lame
  21. Hilbe

    Hilbe Well-Known Member

    My copy should resolve your issues. Please try and post your results.
  22. ooja3k

    ooja3k Well-Known Member

    Trying it now.

    WORKED for me! I didn't do ANYTHING except move it to the root/etc/ folder no changing the chmod or permissions or anything.

    To all:
    I was one of you guys that could not locate install-recovery.sh for the life of me.

    I used his uploaded file, extracted to root, moved it to root/etc/ and rebooted.

    works perfectly with my modded setscaling.sh @ 1.1ghz @ 34
  23. Dulaney22

    Dulaney22 Member

    Just dropping yours in worked. Many thanks!
  24. humungus

    humungus Well-Known Member

    I've had a few random reboots running 1.15 at 34. They didn't show up for awhile, so keep an eye out. I'm trying 1.125 at 34 right now.
  25. LexusBrian400

    LexusBrian400 Well-Known Member

    Hibe, if you ever get the time... I think you should post your own thread with your instructions. To anyone that hasn't been following along this is thread is all fragmented and all over the place. Its confusing as hell, and I've been here since day 1 :) Just a suggestion. Thanks for your work guys

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