How to Perform SuperPAD Update with native "System Update" AppTips

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  1. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    I have successfully updated my Android 2.1 SuperPAD (non-rooted) from Firmware: deb-r2.1.1170 to Firmware: deb-r2.1.1561 and it only took 15 minutes, eight (8) minutes to download at 54 bps and seven minutes to install the downloaded "" file. It was a completely automatic factory upgrade using the on-board "System Update" app.

    I know my procedure is probably overkill, but I wanted to remove any possibility of a glitch in that factory supported procedures from China are virtually non-existent. I believe the majority of update problems are caused by people not having a dedicated procedure to follow so they proceed willy-nilly. Root and Non-root may be involved too.

    Here we go with the step by step I followed:

    How to do an Automatic Factory Update on the SuperPAD

    1. Find and Record (write it down!) your Registration Code (Settings -> About Device -> Certification).

    2. Connect a really good USB WIFI Adapter (Rokland N3) to USB Port #1 (Upper Most).

    3. If you do not have it, download

  2. altkon

    altkon Member

    HI !!geofferyh,
    Your step to step instructions very clear and usefull.
    I am planning to implement them step by step as I have downloaded and
    stored deb-r 2.1.1561 on the notifications status bar of my APad but I
    was hasitating to start a "system update".
    My case is exactly as yours with deb-r 2.1.1170 Firmware already installed
    on my device APad flytouch 2.1.
    The only thing I have to do is I guess open my notifications which show
    the system update 1561 stored on my device and press "view" to start
    the "system update" procedure.
    As far as backup of my Apps and User's Data I have already done it
    with MybackUp PRO on my normal every day SD card and then with an adapter I saved them on my WXP Desktop PC.
    When I will have to restore them should I copy them first
    to a dedicated clean SD card ? and then place it to slot #1 after
    having first restored MybackUp PRO app with the apk
    which I uploaded on my dropbox.??
    Please correct me if I am wrong in order to have the go ahead.
    Also #1 slot is the one which seats between "hdmi and USB" slots at the top of the device.?? And not the one between the two USB slots.
    Thanks a lot.
    ps.During the "system update" should I keep my normal every day
    SD card mounted on my device or should I unmount it first
    and then start the update.??

    Thanks a lot.
  3. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    See re-write of procedure below:

    9. Using your normally installed SD Card in Slot #1 (Top-most slot, between the Two USB Ports); run a Backup of Apps and Data and then remove the SD Card.

    10.Again, using Slot #1, insert another dedicated “Backup Only” SD Card; backup Apps and Data to it as insurance against possible loss of the initial backup you made to your other SD card.

    11.Remove the upper slot SD Card (Top-most slot, between the Two USB Ports).

    12.Remove any installed lower slot SD Card (Bottom-most slot, between USB and HDMI Ports)

    Also, I have updated the original post with this clarification. Thank you for your inquiry.
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  4. altkon

    altkon Member

  5. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    I have only been (in my own Mind) refering to the SD Cards as "Upper" and "Lower" do to their locations in regard to the top of the tablet (power, Volumn, Menu and Home buttons). You are right, card Slot 1 and Card Slot 2 is a better definition.

    Card Slot 1 is the default slot. Superpad looks there first for a SD Memory Card. I understand (from other posts) that if both Card Slot 1 and 2 have SD Cards in them, it is a 50% chance which one will be read to or written to first. This is not good, so I only allow one SD Card in the tablet at a time.

    If all is true, having two slots is not so great. May be better to have one 32GB card than two 16GB cards if you can't always control which card is the default.
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  6. altkon

    altkon Member

    You are right to say that SD Card slot1 is the default one because today that I inserted to both slots an SD Card, slot#1 was labeled as C , and slot #2 as D.
    So allowing for only one SD in the tablet during a "system update" is the safest
    precaution to be taken.
    One exclamation though during the backup of the dedicated SD Card on slot#1 without
    the Normally installed SD Card inserted on slot#2 I failed to backup my
    data which was not available in the system but only on the Normally installed SD Card.

    So at second attempt I tried by inserting my Normally installed SD card on slot #2 and my dedicated SD card on slot#1. I have then initiated a second backup with MybackUp PRO application with a positive result now including both my Apps and Data files backup ready
    for restore when the "System update" operation is concluded.

    I have checked results from "View"option and i have edited from the "Manage" option
    of MybackUp PRO application.

    So I am now ready for a "System update" which I intend to perform after connecting
    to Internet with an ADSL cable and not a WIFI connection for safety purposes, correct
    me if I am wrong ??
  7. mixterz

    mixterz Well-Known Member

    you cant update it via the native app i was told by a site admin and it will never work , has to be done through a sdcard.
  8. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    I am having some difficulty understanding exactly what you are attempting to do here. However, if you have followed the backup of your apps and data per the outlined procedure, you should be ready to "Update" to Firmware 1561 from 1170.

    Connecting to the internet with a "hard" connection is always preferable to WIFI.
  9. MrSmith317

    MrSmith317 Well-Known Member

    I think the problem is that we need to separate the various models. I believe mix has an FT2 or FT2 Gen 2. This update was probably meant for an FT1 or a different manufacturer
  10. geofferyh

    geofferyh Member

    There is no such thing as a "FT1". The Superpad (Flytouch 2) is an Android 2.1 based tablet with 256 MB of RAM. The market place is now offering what is being called the "Flytouch 3" (really no such thing) that features 512 MB of Ram and the Android 2.2 OS.

    I think the safest bet is to reference these tablets as "Flytouch 2.1" and "Flytouch 2.2".

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