How to pinch screen?

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  1. Tookums

    Tookums New Member

    Can anyone help explain how to pinch the screen to be able to see the other 7 home screens? I did this twice by accident, don't ask me how....LOL....but when I try to pinch my home screen to get it to work...nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? I'm stupid. Lol. :confused::rolleyes:

  2. Poldie

    Poldie Well-Known Member

    Press home first, so you're on your home screen, then pinch. It should work from any of the 7 screens.
  3. ummm, do you know how to pinch your fingers? do that. take two fingers, place them on the screen, and bring them together.

    do you need help on how to breath as well?

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