How to play GTA III on gt540?General

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  1. xRSEvanz

    xRSEvanz New Member

    Sorry for my noob question,
    I've installed GTA 3 on my device downloaded the files until its finished then it only shows a black screen. :confused:

    GT540 CM7 2.3.7
    used swap for root (256 MB)

    please help i really want to play this game....:(

  2. oot

    oot New Member

    It's posibly to start GTAIII on LG GT540, but it will crash all the time and be too much laggy... That's because of too slow processor (600Mhz)... You need another phone for this...
    But if you want to see for yourself, I think this will work... Start GTAIII and when it shows a black screen press home button to minimize game... Than start it again from taskbar or try hold home button and start it from there...
  3. xRSEvanz

    xRSEvanz New Member

    thanks for the advice and i already bought a new phone

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