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How to plug your Samsung S3 into a tv?Support

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  1. kevin_wang

    kevin_wang New Member

    I just got a new Samsung S3 and was wondering how you can plug it into your TV? I know that apple phones have some type of adapter for it but does the S3 have the same thing? One of my friend told me to get a MHL cable but I don

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    For to plug your S3 into your HDMI TV you'd need a Samsung MHL adapter for the S3.
    Standard MHL adapters that work with the S2 (and all other phones which have MHL ability) won't work with the S3.

  3. Metroid Prime

    Metroid Prime Oil Can!!! Oil Can!!! VIP Member

    Moved this thread to the Samsung Galaxy S3 section. :)
  4. kevin_wang

    kevin_wang New Member

  5. SUSS

    SUSS Well-Known Member

  6. kevin_wang

    kevin_wang New Member

    Thanks Ill give that a try. So its basically like airdisplay on your iPhone?
  7. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Im disgusted with samsung.
    Its bad enough that they made the s3 need its own non-universal adaptor but my genuine samsung one only survived about a month!
    Gona get the tv dongle i think..
  8. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

  9. oldnick

    oldnick Well-Known Member

    I'd be interested to get this working...when a video is running on the S3 I press menu and get 'share via' option, none of which look like a TV with arrows?? Wi-Fi direct has arrows?

  10. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;) VIP Member

    Im guessing you have to have a wifi router?
  11. oldnick

    oldnick Well-Known Member

    I have a wi-fi router!

    Still don't know how to hook the S3 to a PS3 tho...

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