How to prevent a remote wipe of my Android phone?

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  1. mktgkate

    mktgkate New Member

    I left my job on Friday. I have my own Android phone, but I was receiving company e-mail on the phone through an Exchange account.

    The IT guy just warned me that they are going to do a remote wipe of my phone, including my entire SD card. This is annoying, because I was previously told that they would just delete my company e-mail account but would not delete the entire SD card.

    So, I just deleted the e-mail account myself, and I also removed the "e-mail" program from the list of "device administrators" in the phone's location and security settings. Is there anything else I need to do to prevent my former company from doing a remote wipe?

    Thanks for any advice.

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  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Welcome to Android Forums:). I will hunt around for you. Did you sign a waiver or some form giving them that right in exchange for using you're phone on their servers?

    I would at least start backing up photos to your PC, get and app like SMS Backup+ that will back up your SMS/MMS messages to gmail. Also, make sure your contacts are synced with google. Those are the hardest things to get back after a wipe, so work on those in case we don't have a solution and they do initiate a remote wipe.
  3. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    Most companies (or is it standard Android?) pop a message saying that by setting up EAS access you give them permission to remotely wipe the device. By the way, I feel like they may be in the right to want to wipe the entire device, they don't know what kind of IP (owned by them) you may have saved on the device that you could then disseminate to people outside the company after you leave.

    It sounds like you're rooted. I would be VERY careful about using a rooted/ROMed device on company servers, if they implement a security solution that polls for the OS version and only allows certain versions based on the device you can be bumped without warning. Using a ROM also opens potential security holes, the company will have vetted the standard OS (as deployed by Google/phone manufacturers) for security, which is why they may bump a non-standard OS.
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  4. miharuchristy

    miharuchristy New Member

    Mktgkate, in the future, you can consider using products like Divide by Enterproid to create a separate work profile on your Android, and access your work email only from the work profile. If IT ever wipes your phone remotely, they'll only be able to do so to your work profile and your personal data will be safe.

    Search for Divide in the Google market.
  5. TheBlogMaster

    TheBlogMaster New Member

    So if it an android put your own personal SD Card into the Phone go into your settings and phone storge and tell your phone to move everything onto your sd card. You might have to do somethings your self like move your emails or apps, but if it is your own phone they do not have the right to wipe everything off your phone. But they can not touch your phone if you do not want them to. they can kick you off there Exchange Server tho so you will not have access to the Company Email anymore
  6. mplevy

    mplevy Well-Known Member

    When you put a device on a corporate mail server you typically will need to agree that they have the right to wipe the device. They will require this to protect intellectual property that has the potential to be saved to the device by virtue of it being connected to their mail server. If you choose to use your own phone so you can get mobile email, that's your choice and you don't have to, if they require you have mobile email they should provide the device so you should have no problem accepting that they may wipe it remotely since it technically belongs to them.
  7. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    A remote wipe is good in case we lose the phone. There is an app called Email+ on the market/play that can access exchange mail but doesn't allow remote wipe.
  8. jonjonjonjonjo

    jonjonjonjonjo Active Member

    Legal issues aside, no remote wipe can be accomplished while you have no data connection. So if you want to back up your stuff or buy time, I suggest turning off your cellular data and wifi.
  9. yansen

    yansen Well-Known Member

    Try checking if there is some remote application installed in your phone, like androidlost or else, which make it possible to remotely wipe your phone.

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