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How to prevent sleep during callGeneral

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  1. granto

    granto Member

    Usually the phone is awake, and when you lower it the phone lights up for numeric input (love that feature).

    But after a minute or so it locks. You have to push power button before you can enter numbers- annoying. Is there a "keep alive" option I'm not seeing?

    On a similar note, is there a way to make the phone lock automatically (like an app)? It's also annoying to have to manually lock it: I'd rather keep waking it up (if it was indeed idle and not running a program) than forget to lock it and dial/message everyone in my contact list from my pocket.

  2. woop

    woop novacane (OFWGKTA) VIP Member

    I'm not really understanding the post you made, however I will answer it based on what I got out of it.

    The phone shouldn't lock if you're on a call. If you bring the phone close to your face while on a call, the screen will turn off due to the proximity sensor (no point in having the screen on when you won't be using it right?), and when you bring it away from your face, the screen will turn on and stay on as long as you're on the call.

    The phone DOES auto lock. You can adjust the time limit that it stays awake on idle before the screen goes into sleep mode. Check your settings. I believe the default is 1 minute (or something close to that, as I changed mine to 30 secs)
  3. ac2basis

    ac2basis Well-Known Member

    I've actually experienced the screen locking on speaker phone calls as well. A minor annoyance but would be cool to fix it
  4. LuckyAndroid

    LuckyAndroid Member

    You need to install the Marn app ac2.
  5. itype2slo

    itype2slo Well-Known Member

    If the screen did not dim you would be dialing numbers with your face. That is why the proximity sensor is there.
  6. bigvinny

    bigvinny Well-Known Member

    Dialing in facepalm style? That's highly amusing. But I don't quite understand the original poster's point. Screen dims when it's up against my face, and turns back on when I remove it. Something I didn't have with my old phone.

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