How to properly insert SD card?

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  1. nikaios

    nikaios New Member

    I just bought a used Droid in great shape last night. After I got it home, I noticed that the previous owner removed the microSD card. No big deal as I have two 8GB ones, so I popped in one of them and went to the settings menu to mount it. Long story short is the Droid won't read either card even though I can read them from my PC just fine.

    I suspect this is actually a physical problem; when I insert the microSD card the card itself goes over the black plastic piece in the slot, then continues to ride over the metal part visible through the retaining clip hole. After it is inserted I can see the card in the hole around the retaining clip for the card in the 1" wide metal piece that spans the middle of the phone. After a ton of googling I finally found a post on a different forum that says the card should go UNDER this metal part and not over, but on my phone there is no room for a microsd card; it's pretty flush with the black plastic piece and some gentle prying isn't helping any.

    Can anyone verify where the microSD card should sit?

  2. nikaios

    nikaios New Member

    Figured it out - the previous owner must have removed the card to format it and the reinserted it upside down. I saw the CE logo on the upside down part of the card and figured that it was PCB.

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