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How to put a password on the WiFi button to keep the kids outSupport

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  1. eeejedi

    eeejedi New Member

    I've been googling around looking for an app or hack to let me to put a simple password on the WiFi enable button on the Asus Transformer 101 task bar menu.

    It's so I can stop the kids from using my Facebook credentials to login to games, and to keep them off other internet related stuff.

    I've found many app lock programs, but none I've found so far will let me lock that WiFi button.

    Any help/ideas greatly appreciated.

  2. helpifIcan

    helpifIcan Well-Known Member

    If the kids don't know the WiFi pass phrase the only thing I can think of is to forget your wireless connection when you want then off the WiFi. Not an elegant solution but better than nothing.
  3. eeejedi

    eeejedi New Member

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