How to put apps on sd card??

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  1. m0bstr

    m0bstr Well-Known Member

  2. jwh42000

    jwh42000 Well-Known Member

    Read the first post on kouma's thread. Instructions for setting it on kk2.2 are there.
  3. m0bstr

    m0bstr Well-Known Member

    i dont understand that, im new to the apps on the sd card
  4. I use droidsail app 2 SD.u can select all the apps at once n move them to SD here is the link try it n tell me how u like it
  5. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

    No offense to thomas above, but you want this instead...

    Here's the link to Kouma's thread. You need to read this:

    [Kernel][GB] KoumaKernel 2.2

    The procedure I used for my phone to move all of /data to the SD card:

    • BACK UP YOUR PHONE (e.g., using ClockWorkMod)
    • Formatted my SD card with GParted live CD to have a 2 GB ext4 partition.
    • Installed CTMod 3.3
    • Downloaded Root Explorer (since I already own a copy) to modify the file residing at /system/koumamod. This is a for-pay file explorer but you can find others that are free. Make sure this line: setprop koumakernelmount "SSM" has a hash # in front of it. Make sure this line: setprop koumakernelmount "data" does not have a hash in front of it. Make sure you set the file system to read-write in the file browser, modify the file, then set it back to read-only.
    • Reboot.
    • Check your storage in Settings.
    • Frighten your wife with your involuntary Daffy Duck impression.

    After I calmed down, I used GParted to repartition the ext4 partition to be 3 GB JUST BECAUSE

    Behold, a dark miracle...

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  6. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Well-Known Member

    Nice instructions. But there is a script called sdparted that can be used by connecting to the phone with ADB while it's booted into CWM recovery that lets you partition and unpartition the sdcard too (though it is always destructive). I add this info because ADB is a quicker download than a liveCD :)
  7. m0bstr

    m0bstr Well-Known Member

    how do i use ADB??

    i googled it, but didnt find a download link
  8. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

    Yep. But I wanted to keep my fat partition intact, I just got a sexy 19-in-1 card reader that I wanted to test and I had the live CD within reach so I took the path of least resistance (for me).

    Thanks again, Kouma. You really do make dreams come true (any suggestions for lottery numbers? PM me with these so I don't have to split my winnings).
  9. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

  10. m0bstr

    m0bstr Well-Known Member

    lol im a noob, i googled it but i didnt see a download link
  11. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

  12. m0bstr

    m0bstr Well-Known Member

    i got adb on my comp!!!!

    do i just type this in adb, when in recovery?? and which part of recovery do i need to be in??
    #!/bin/bash #setprop koumakernelmount "data" #Uncomment to mount sd-ext as /data #setprop koumakernelmount "SSM" #Uncomment to mount sd-ext partitions in the SSM configuration, Comment before enabling /data
  13. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

    If you create and format an ext partition using CWM what kind of partition is going to be? Is it ext4? Does it matter?

  14. Caeadas

    Caeadas Well-Known Member

    No, do not type that into recovery. that's for after you have set up the partition.

    1) Boot into Recovery
    2) ADB shell into the phone
    3) Run "sdparted -i"
    4) Pick a size for a swap partition (CWM doesn't give you many size options, most are probably too small)
    5) Pick a size for your EXT partition. Let the fat partiton have the rest.

    Do that part in recovery
  15. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Well-Known Member

    Caeadas is correct. Be sure to go to the first post int eh KoumaKernel Thread Here:

    and get the formatting utility for the sd-ext so that it makes the partitions ext4

    Edit: Here, so you don't have to hunt too hard for it:

  16. Antiluddite

    Antiluddite Active Member

    GParted (what I used) allows you to specify a file system type. I don't use CWM to partition, so I'm not sure what options are available.
  17. jwh42000

    jwh42000 Well-Known Member

    Didn't mean it like that lol
  18. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

    sdparted -po reports the partition I created using CWM as ext4 if anyone else is wondering.

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