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how to put my own photo in message threadSupport

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  1. elementosinco

    elementosinco New Member

    Anybody here who knows how to put pictures in message thread. I can only see the gray android picture with "ME" in my message. I already tried to add my own number in my contacts and added my photo but nothing happened
    I also tried to photo in my google account but its not working...

  2. kristianlim18

    kristianlim18 Member

    same here. i already did all possible ways to put a pic on my message thread but all does not work!

    if someone can please help us!
  3. morrissey007

    morrissey007 New Member

    Add me to that 'list' too please! I can't figure it out either!
  4. Marvintheparanoid

    Marvintheparanoid Well-Known Member

    Did you add your details in 'My Profile'?

    Contacts - menu - more -My Profile
  5. morrissey007

    morrissey007 New Member

    Thank you but that option isn't available on my phone ☹ (Samsung Google Nexus S running Gingerbread)
  6. Marvintheparanoid

    Marvintheparanoid Well-Known Member

    Ah, that is how it works in my LG

    It should work if you have a contact entry with your photo, plus your phone number.

    If not, how about this:

  7. metalboy94

    metalboy94 Member

    Or, you can just make a new contact with your own name, number and photo. Worked for me. :)
  8. morrissey007

    morrissey007 New Member

    Tried editing my google profile added a picture and also tried making a contact with my own details but neither work! Its a minor point but these things really bug me when I cant find an answer!
  9. kev0055

    kev0055 Active Member

    Thanks was wondering abt this myself
  10. anujagarwal303

    anujagarwal303 New Member

    hey guys...!! i tried all the solutions mentioned above...none of them worked..!! can sum1 really hlp givin me d corrct info..?? i didnt gt it in d net nywhr too..!! :(
  11. anujagarwal303

    anujagarwal303 New Member

    n talkin of photos i hav anothr question..!! cnt me change d wallpaper selecting box to POTRAIT from LANDSCAPE..???? i wnt a wallpaper in potrait..!!!!
  12. pankaj16

    pankaj16 Well-Known Member

    The correct way (which worked for me) is to have your google profile and syncing your contacts between google contacts and your phone.
    Update your photo in the google profile and it gets updated in your phone. I have changed my photo twice and it got changed upon syncronization. Also for all my contacts (who have google profile), pic gets updated as soon as they change it.
  13. anujagarwal303

    anujagarwal303 New Member

    tried sycin too..!! didnt hlp..!! ny othr idea..??
  14. yoshiroaka

    yoshiroaka New Member

    Dunno if you guys are still looking for a solution to this problem but i had he same trouble and this is the method i used to fix it. (google nexus one, 2.3.4)

    Go to settings>about phone>status

    Under the section my phone number, if it has multiple numbers or has 'unknown' listed as mine did you need to change this to the number you are currently using.

    To do this you need to use another phone that can edit the my number field.
    I hear iphones can do this but i personally used my old Sony Ericsson W810i.
    The option was in the phonebook under options>special numbers but you may also try looking in the regular settings if its not there. Most older phones should be able to do this.

    From there you put the sim back into your android phone. Now that the phone can tell what number is yours you simply create a contact named Me with your phone number and apply a picture to the contact. This picture should now show up in the messaging threads.

    Hope this helps.
  15. Rete

    Rete New Member

    I have this problem too, and I tried everything. I really don't know what to do. Of course it is a minor problem, it's just annoying!
  16. rumpel

    rumpel New Member

    same problem here. i tried everything but nothing works. im using p350 by the way..
  17. Wazza66

    Wazza66 Active Member

    You need to make sure your contact is on the phone and not the sim to put in a picture you want..........Also i found that being on facebook that if i put the persons proper name and not a nickname it will insert their facebook profile picture on its own....I have the Sync for facebook set to "on" in "Accounts & Sync" in the settings menu.....But remember you need to have the persons proper name and not nickname for this one......
  18. justmusic

    justmusic Member

    HTC Desire S.
    I go to people - then at the top is "Me". There's an edit button which does nothing, and if I hold the line down I get the options to edit, or send. Edit does nothing.

    Any thoughts how to get my profile up to date? I don't use Google for syncing.
  19. chikadily

    chikadily New Member

    Hey guys, I am using the phone above and also have the same problem. I have made my profile on the phone, then changed it from my name to "Me", still nothing. I have made a profile on my gmail (google account) and updated pic, still nothing. I have added my phone number under contacts under my name, then changed to "Me", still nothing. When my hubby gets home from work tonight I am going to try and put my sim card into his iphone, as going by the posts above iphone should have an option to add my phone number to my sim. I will repost and let all know whether or not this is successful. Thanks for all the advice above :rolleyes:
  20. chikadily

    chikadily New Member

    Hey guys, I am pleased to report that I was able to write my number into my sim on my partners iphone. I then placed my sim back into my phone and checked to see if my phone number was written in there under phone settings, which it was. I then sent a message and my image came up beside my message, which is the image I added to my profile on the phone. Not one from google, gmail, or by adding myself as a contact. Thanks for the help above and I hope others will read this and be successful too :)
  21. lhigsbg

    lhigsbg New Member

    received my nexus s last friday and experiencing the same problem too. will try those suggestions above. thanks for the ideas.
  22. bmorecountry78

    bmorecountry78 New Member

    to all the ppl trying to put there pics in the me spot on there androids i think i can help took a 2 week but i got the gray block filled with my face. anyway here is what i did. note im useing a zte warp mite work the same for other phones. click on your messaging tab like your going to tex msg someone then click into one of your old msgs were you see the little gray box with me next to it click the gray box next to me and 3 little icons pop up a phone a folder thing and a happy face .click the folder thing its white with abc in green on it .that will bring you to your voice mail info were you number is. at this point just hit the page button on your cell when you do that it will being up edit contact were you can add a pic of your self. to show up in the me spot and thats it....
  23. bmorecountry78

    bmorecountry78 New Member

    add a note for my top post. i think i found a faster way to add your pic in the me spot just go into your contacts to voice mail hit your page botton on your cell phone and the edit contact will pop up and there you go add your pic or whatever..... i think on androids you the owner aka is me so and pics or editing has to be done in the voice mail contact settings hope this helps
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  24. EssexToys

    EssexToys New Member

    That did the job for my HTC Desire. Thanks for the info :)
  25. jazzcat314

    jazzcat314 New Member

    Try going to: Contacts - Menu - More - "My Name Card" - Menu - Edit Contact

    You should be able to edit and add a photo like you would if you were adding a new contact.


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