How to re-add disabled Google Now cards?

  1. fdsf

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    Does anybody know how can I re-add a card that I dismissed and said I am not interested in? Specifically, I am talking about the Fifa World Cup update cards. I turned them off, and now I want to restore it, but I can't find it under the Sports events. It doesn't find it if I try to type it. Any other ideas?

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    This is strange, because even though I swiped the notifications away and said I wasn't interested in the World Cup they came back today asking me again.

    I looked through everything and couldn't find anything about turning them back on.

    Have you tried doing a google search about the world cup, usually after I do google searches for like, "Score of the Miami Heat game", or "Did the Cincinnati Reds win today", Google will ask me if I want to follow these teams, the same could work with the world cup, potentially.
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    The thing is I didn't just swipe it away, but I told him I am not interested in these updates. Up until that point, I had a "team" under sports called Fifa World Cup 2014, but now it's not there anymore, and I can't add it manually. I tried searching for it, or adding a country, as my team, but still nothing
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    In the card settings I was able to search for USA or Brazil for example under sports and there were cards available that had little soccer balls next to them.

    Be sure Google search, or anything pertaining to Google, is up to date in the play store and try again.
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    Just to clarify myself: yes, I can add teams also, but originally there was a general "FIFA World Cup" card, which showed updates for all teams. This is what I want to get back, but in a mysterious way, no one knows how to do it :).
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  7. boathead

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    Maybe try clearing data in settings/apps.
  8. fdsf

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    I solved it:
    At the "sports" category, add a team participating in this event, and wait for it to show up. On that cards settings, you will be asked again if you want updates on FIFA world cup. After saying yes, cards start showing up again.

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