how to REALLY boost the internal ear piece volume for in call??

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  1. Patsum

    Patsum Well-Known Member

    hey everyone

    I am using a rooted droid x with Liberty 3 on it right now and it works well

    can anyone tell me how to increase the volume of the earpiece during calls? NOT the speakerphone and not the headphone jack volume..

    I tried DSP manager but it just says headset volume/phone speaker/bluetooth

    The headset volume is for the headphone jack..the phone speaker is the speakerphone..and bluetooth..yeah

    is there any way to increase the volume of the Earpiece for my X?

    It is too quiet for me and is not blown..I promise.

    I am rooted and on liberty 3 ROM

  2. osullivan1916

    osullivan1916 Member

    While on a call, you can adjust the volume using the volume rockers on the side of the phone.
  3. Patsum

    Patsum Well-Known Member

    thank you for the response but I must may not quite understand my question.

    I want to have the ear piece louder than the in call volume rocker allows. at it's maximum it is too quiet. I know HOW to adjust the volume in call. I am talking about how to boost/exceed that

    Thank you for the response again
  4. spb21

    spb21 Well-Known Member

    clean the speaker screen.

    UrsusVIIILXXXVII Well-Known Member

    You could try out Volume+ from the market. I haven't used it yet but it has an in-call (experimental) option.
  6. Patsum

    Patsum Well-Known Member

    sorry guys this may have not been worded well...I know since I am rooted that I can use the android software to control the volume to exceed regular volume limits...I just do not know how

    it has nothing to do with cleaning the speaker screen
  7. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Can you clarify... has it EVER been loud enough? Do you have a hear deficit?
  8. cougar214

    cougar214 Well-Known Member

    Patsum You question has been answered. It was understood what you are trying to achieve. You want your in-call volume speaker to be louder so you can hear who you are talking to better. We got that.

    The best answer was given to you by Ursus. You have to remember what you have on that X for a speaker to begin with. It's very tiny. You are going to be limited in how loud you can make the call volume.

    Now Volume+ from the market CAN increase this volume but at the cost of quality and even at the cost of blowing that tiny little ear-piece speaker. This is a cell phone, not a home phone with a 2" speaker.
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  9. layler2000

    layler2000 New Member

    This is now my second Android 4. The first one had plenty of volume on the ear piece. THIS one is too quiet. I asked several people who all agreed. I swapped phones with people to compare the ear piece volumes between the two phones. EVERYONE agreed the Droid 4 phone is too quiet. I've seen this issue posted in another thread. My first Droid 4 gave me a weird "please change the battery to a Motorola battery, and quit working. I got this phone because it compared with the iPhone and has the pull out keyboard. But so far, nothing but trouble.

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