How to reboot into bootloader (unrooted), helping a friend

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  1. Dabitz

    Dabitz Well-Known Member

    I'm helping a friend install the new leaked ICS on her UNROOTED, totally factory Rezound. I saved the file to her card and renamed it, but I can't get the phone to reboot into bootloader by holding down the down and power button (after shutting it off). Is it because the battery is about 35% charged?

    How can I reboot into bootloader so the process installs the update? I have a rooted different device but I am trying to help her out.


  2. mtbhk44

    mtbhk44 Well-Known Member

    She probably has the fastboot option checked. Settings - Power - Uncheck Fastboot.

    Should be good to go from there
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  3. Dabitz

    Dabitz Well-Known Member

    Great thanks.
  4. pwned

    pwned Well-Known Member

    I would wait until the phone had more charge. You don't want it to go dead while running it
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