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  1. spurs78

    spurs78 New Member

    Hi there, new to the world of Android, so please be patient! :shakehands:

    Basically, I would like to have notifications pop up or at least vibrate when my screen is locked. Having to swipe the phone on to check my messages and emails is a bit of a hassle. So, is there an app or something that will allow me to at least get lock screen notifications for email and text messages?



  2. Ikenstein

    Ikenstein Well-Known Member

    MagicLocker and Widget Locker can. There might be other lock screen replacement apps that can do it as well. Look up info on lock screen replacement apps to find out what will meet your needs and work on your phone.
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  3. spurs78

    spurs78 New Member

    Hi there,

    Thanks for your message. I am using MagicLocker but I still have to pick up my phone to check. What I need is something that alerts with a sound or vibrate to let me know a notification has arrived. Widget doesn't do that either. Any ideas?

  4. MonJovi

    MonJovi Active Member

    Either Pansi SMS or SMS Popup do that.
    Pansi if you want to use it as your default SMS app. SMS Popup is you want to keep the stock sms app. Or use both.

    note: if you want to use SMS Popup, you have to disable notifications from your default sms app.
  5. Ikenstein

    Ikenstein Well-Known Member

    I think I better understand your question now. The suggestion above will work for SMS. Also, I suggest looking at Llama to get your phone to act how you're needing. You can tell Llama to do an action after an event occurs on your phone.

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