how to record videos in the background?

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  1. skyler544

    skyler544 New Member

    I've spent quite a bit of time trying to find an app for my rooted droid x (running liberty 2.0.1) that will let me record videos in the background. The reason I need to do this is because I must classically condition my pet rat for psychology 101, and in order to create a video of me conditioning the rat and using the sound effect app that I will use to condition him, I have to be able to switch to the sound effect app without closing the recording. The closest I've gotten to what I'm looking for is the app "dailyroads voyager," a badly translated app that allows me to record in the background but always saves files that are somehow corrupted and then deletes them more quickly than I can move or rename them. Furthermore, the app causes a great deal of system slowdown even when not in use, meaning that it's impossible to keep installed. My research suggests that a service would make recording in the background possible for the stock camera application. If so, could someone possibly either give me or direct me to a service creating tutorial? Better yet would be a donload link to a pre built service for this exact purpose, but past experience tells me that is highly unlikely. Preemptive thanks are in order, hopefully deterring a few "tl;dr" responses.

  2. skyler544

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  3. Mostly Harmless

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    Why not just use another device such as a whistle or clicker to make the noise so you don't have to do it from your phone.
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    I can't post links yet but there is a new functionality that allows you to record video from an app: hXXp://

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