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  1. kidz1412

    kidz1412 New Member

    Hi, I was deleted all my text messages accidentally. So how can I recover it?

  2. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    If you didn't make a backup, I'm afraid that "deleted" indeed means they're gone. One thing though: you might check the text message history (the tabs on top of the screen) to see if they're also gone there.
  3. DiscoSue

    DiscoSue New Member


    I accidentally deleted all the txts from a friend, so I assumed they were gone forever...

    But in contacts view under history I can see the first line of the messages!!!

    So i was really happy to see they were not gone but when I tried toview them it says message deleted...

    does that mean there is still a copy of them and if it does how do I recover them???

    thank you very much for any help!

    Suzi x

    phone = samsung galaxy y
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  4. deniss

    deniss New Member

    Hi DiscoSue,
    I have exactly the same problem. Did you manage to retrieve your deleted text messages? Please let me know.
  5. Marcha

    Marcha Well-Known Member

    Hi again,
    I guess the message history only shows the title of the message that has been deleted, not the entire one. So I'm afraid they're really gone.
  6. Lidman

    Lidman New Member

    I need to recover some text message from my phone that was deleted today, please
  7. oldchick70

    oldchick70 Active Member

    I would really like to know where deleted messages go..into cyber space I guess :confused:
    On a computer it's the Recycle Bin, I wonder why phones don't have one?
    Just a thought, not a serious question!
  8. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    i would say run a file recovery software if it was a PC, but android is just a mobile OS and we can expect miracles to happen there, if your messages are that important to you then always keep an app that backs up your sms as soon as it lands on your phone, there is no solution for this but you can prevent it from happening..

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