How to recovery stock rom

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  1. TheGman124

    TheGman124 Member

    I need to find the stock rom to the epic incase I need to go back.

  2. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

  3. antrod

    antrod New Member

    newbie here, can anybody give instructions on how to get back to stock after a root, i downloaded the file here to my pc, but now have no idea what is next. Having problem with the phone and returning it back to sprint. Thank you
  4. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Well-Known Member

    There is is sticky here in the rooting section on how to root. In there there is a guide on how to unroot. Check that over and see if that helps ya out.
  5. icecold

    icecold Well-Known Member

    These threads should have all the info you need...

    [ACS] [HOW TO] Root, Flash Roms/Kernels/Themes, CWM, and update! (56 videos) 7/9/11 - xda-developers

    [How to] Restore a semi-bricked Epic or Bring it back from the brink! - xda-developers

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