How to reflash using kies

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  1. Gadgetgeezer

    Gadgetgeezer New Member

    I have a Galaxy S which keeps freezing. Wanted to retry flashing it with kies. It says I am on the latest firmware but how can I simply wipe it and reflash just to make sure I don't have some kind of corruption? sorry for daft quesion but newbie.



  2. dc2447

    dc2447 Well-Known Member

    do a factory reset?

    reboot, hold vol up, power and middle button
  3. Gadgetgeezer

    Gadgetgeezer New Member

    If I go into restore mode and delete the cache then plug into kies, will it know there is no firmware and download new?
  4. puccaso

    puccaso New Member

    id like to know the answer to this also,
    i want to reflash my galaxy tab,
    but kies doesnt allow to reflash, from what i can see- but i hope im wrong

    help plz
  5. andy-roid

    andy-roid Well-Known Member

    the only thing you can do is flash it back to 2.1 with odin them update it again with kies thats what i did when i bricked my phone
  6. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    You can't reflash using KIEs. Even if you do a factory reset, the firmware is still there. The same goes for cache.

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