How to remove apps from "All apps you've installed" list?

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  1. falmehmadi

    falmehmadi New Member


    How to remove apps from "All apps you've installed" list?

    I have downloaded apps that I have removed later on from my galaxy s II. Yet, now it's showing in both the device and in when I log in as "All apps you've installed."

    Please, tell me if there's any way I can delete this.

    Thank you

  2. dragstor

    dragstor New Member

    No way to remove them from the list(s). No worries, they aren't installed on your phone.

    Installed something naughty? :p
  3. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    I wish we could remove apps from all apps you've installed list. I have 20 pages of apps I've installed now, most of which I've uninstalled and have no intention or re-installing. Kind of a pain when I just want to look at handful of apps I actually use.
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  4. B2GS3

    B2GS3 Member

    Google is like one of those boring internet geeks who happily proclaim that nothing can ever be deleted from the internet. And woe betide anyone who does anything remotely silly that they might want to forget when there are companies like google and facebook who will happily regurgitate things that don't belong to them in order to soak them in advertising.

    The easiest solution, I would imagine, to your problem would be to open a new google account and transfer any information that you do want to transfer to your new account. Then remove your old google account from your phone. A factory reset should so the trick. And then finally associate your phone with your new google account.

    I haven't tried this but it seems like a logical solution, albeit one that google probably don't want you to employ.
  5. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    While it solves the problem this time - it would seem to be more trouble than it is worth. More importantly it doesn't solve the problem in the long term unless you want to go on creating and migrating to new accounts.

    The issue isn't about deleting anything really so much as giving us the tools to be able to sort, organize, and search to find what we want quickly and efficiently. Ironically this is suppose to be Google's forte.
  6. DiogoDTX

    DiogoDTX Member

    I don't see it as a problem.

    My list of all installed apps IS long too.

    But that's OK for me.

    That's just a history you can't erase (as for now).

    But it doesn't really bother me. I think creating a new Google Account for this reason alone is a bit too much, isn't it?

    Now, on the phone, when I'm on Google Play and visit the My Apps section, I only see the installed apps. I can manage them easily.
  7. aztazt

    aztazt New Member

    I think you do NOT understand what the problem is.

    If you go to that URL :

    you'll see that Google limit the number of old apps you can view.

    I can only see the first 20 pages of apps that I installed (and/or uninstalled since).

    So, I can see apps from A (page 1) to F (page 20) and so it's impossible to go page 21 for "Google+" for example.

    If one can delete some old apps, the problem would be solved.

    Sorry for my bad english.
  8. aztazt

    aztazt New Member

    I found a "solution"...

    Go to the page

    Look at the page source code, then search for


    in the code. All your apps are there, even apps beyond page 20.
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  9. GTK313

    GTK313 Well-Known Member

    Just make another Google Account (It's FREE). E-mail all your contacts from your old e-mail with the new E-mail.

    You will lose the apps you paid for (some times if you e-mail the developer of the app they might transfer the app to the new account by not charging you on the new account

    To find the contact information for the developer of apps you purchased,
    please follow these steps:

    1. Go to Android Market and select the app in question.
    2. On the app's description page, scroll down to the 'Developer' section
    3. One of the following contact options will be provided: an email
    address, a phone number, or a website.

    This is the only way as of the date in this post.
  10. jhietter

    jhietter Member

    Same thing for me. Only get to see through F. I just got a replacement due to water damage and Google failed to install all the apps I had, even though I had backup/restore checked. So now I'm trying to figure out all the things I had on my phone, which was a list I've spent years filtering down to just the ones I really use.

    I tried the suggestion from aztazt and it works but there are tens of thousands of lines of code to look through to find the names. It took me 10 minutes just to find the last page of my apps & trying to find each one from Z through F well, F that.

    I'm surprised such a huge glitch exists. I'm also surprised I didn't get my apps back.
  11. jhietter

    jhietter Member

    Figured out a solution. Go to the Google settings icon in the top right corner (looks like a gear). Click My Orders & Devices and you'll see everything you've installed.
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  12. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    But why do you want to see a page of old apps installed after page 20 anyway?

    Edit: Blackberry does that as well by the way, It is annoying I agree but I wouldn't say it's life threatning :D
  13. mttfrog13

    mttfrog13 Well-Known Member

    Way too much trouble to create another google profile just for this purpose. I would just forget that the app history list is there and just search the market if you're looking for an app rather than looking in your app history.
  14. jhietter

    jhietter Member

    ...except that I found a solution that I mentioned above.
  15. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    In a previous thread, I posted this:

    Here’s the answer, or lack thereof:

    Permanently removing uninstalled apps

    At this time, there is no way to permanently delete or remove apps from the Google Play website (My Orders/My Android Apps) or from the Google Play Store app (My Apps) that you’ve previously downloaded but have since uninstalled.

    Uninstalling apps using the Google Play website

    Android apps may only be uninstalled from the device itself - there is no way to remotely uninstall items from
  16. djs197005074

    djs197005074 New Member

    I agree, the list of history is ridiculous. However, to go back and see what you have installed is a pain under the current methods available.

    What i have done, is simple. Go to the play store page where you are shown your first set of apps.

    1. View Source of Page.
    2. Save page as whatever you want, default is "apps.htm"
    3. find the file on your system, right click and load using microsoft word.

    It will give an error missing a file, but ignore it, what you will get is the complete list of all apps. From there you can edit it , reduce it, whatever you want, It does show whats installed/install, free, paid .. basic info but enough to work from.
  17. andrewpm

    andrewpm Member

    Any update on this yet? I've installed a bunch of different live wallpaper and flashlight apps and so forth like millions of other people and all the different names and stuff can be confusing as I forget which one i liked best... Amazon allows you do to this!
  18. Bob Blaylock

    Bob Blaylock Well-Known Member

    Google very recently added the ability to remove apps from that list. Make sure you have the very latest version of the Google Play app, go to

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  19. Little Darwin

    Little Darwin Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. I hadn't checked that lately, and I am looking forward to trimming some apps from the list that I downloaded and uninstalled over a year ago...
  20. zuben el genub

    zuben el genub Well-Known Member

    Now if Google would learn what Alphabetical Order is.

    You delete one long-gone app, and the list bounces right back to the top, not where you were. Much easier to find your place if list was in alphabetical order.

    If browsers can sort bookmarks, and office suites can sort entries, then coding a sort can't be that hard.
  21. shrsddqsg

    shrsddqsg New Member

    Yep - surely Google can stop making the list jump right to the top after each action. How does one delete in bulk?
  22. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    I'm still looking for this option. I have 3 years worth of files, and trying to delete them manually, one by one, just ain't happening.
  23. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

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  24. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Lol. I found the same answer at C|Net, and was coming back here to post it.

    A good methodology:

    1. Scroll all the way to the end of your list (yeah it takes a long time, but it is easier to scroll back up once you're at the end, especially if you're an app whore like me - I just delete 689(!) apps from my history).
    2. Find the oldest app you want to remove from the app list, and long press it.
    3. Scroll up and short press additional apps to add them to the list.
    4. When you're finished selecting all apps to remove from your installation history, press the icon at the top on the right (circle with a diagonal line in it).

    Presto, all selected apps removed.

    Bonus: You cannot remove apps from your history that are installed the current device.
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  25. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    ... and a little to add:
    Even purchased app can be removed from the All apps list !

    But they'll remain as purchased on your Google account :)

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