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  1. smilesandwaves

    smilesandwaves Well-Known Member

    How can I remove the "Emergency Call" button from the lock screen?

    I have the pattern to unlock suction enabled, and every time I go to unlock the phone I click this button on accident. It's very annoying, and it's mostly a placement issue. If this function where higher on the screen this wouldn't be an issue at all.

    So.... until the correction is implemented, how can I disable this feature?

    Thanks for the help, everyone!

  2. smilesandwaves

    smilesandwaves Well-Known Member

    no help :(
  3. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    I am on a different Rom, have you tried, settings/Lock Screen/Lock screen Options/ and check there if there is anything relevant to your question
  4. smilesandwaves

    smilesandwaves Well-Known Member

    Yes, good tip... but I tried this :'(
  5. rattymon

    rattymon Active Member

    Flash a custom rom
  6. smilesandwaves

    smilesandwaves Well-Known Member

    Not an options with a work phone. Any other options? It's not looking up....:mad:
  7. Stu675

    Stu675 Well-Known Member

    Widgetlocker? I dont think you have to be rooted, but not 100% sure on that. Other than that you will not be able to remove it really.
  8. lcneed

    lcneed Well-Known Member

    You could check the "with swipe lock" box. That would require you to do 2 steps, first to swipe and show the pattern, next to do the pattern unlock. The extra step will probably force you to pay more attention and not hit the emergency call while doing the pattern unlock.

    Is the reason you hit the emergency call is because you wake up your phone using the home button? You could wake it up using the power button, that way your finger would be no where near the bottom of the screen.
  9. bobbobjones

    bobbobjones New Member

    This feature is so annoying. It is active except when the phone is "swipe" only. I was at work with the phone in my pocket using FINGERPRINT lock on Galaxy S5. I keep nothing else in my phone pocket. I got a voicemail from 911 saying "this is 911 Emergency services. We have an open line to this number. Please call 911 again if you have an emergency. " And I always hear the keypad tones when I'm working. If I use swipe only, the phone opens CNN or plays video or music. I hate it.
  10. Sev Seven

    Sev Seven New Member

    You know what? I had this issue too! I would always pocket dial 911... i got frustrated with my old phone and returned it thinking it couldn't be fixed. Then I got this phone yesturday and pocket dialed 911 AGAIN... I was going to return this phone I have tomorrow but I searched for a cure. I found this forum and it got me thinking. Maybe...., Just maybe....., There's an app for that. Lol and sure enough there is! I searched for a lock screen app in the android app store and found: Drawing Lock Screen. It's a pretty amazing app. It works wonders. All you got to do is set an image to use and make your own unlock points and there you have it! You just made a custom lock screen. The best part about it is that there is *NO EMERGENCY CALL BUTTON!!!* Hope I helped someone!
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  11. Goowhopy

    Goowhopy New Member

    Thank you Sev Seven! I have tried everything to rid my phone of the emergency button on the lock screen. I have a two year old who has called 911 twice. I keep my phone up, but she hunts it down. She knows if she presses the big red emergency button on the lock screen she will get to talk to someone. It's horrible. Thank you for the app idea, I would have never tough of it!

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