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how to remove google?Support

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  1. pimp752s

    pimp752s Member

    hey i have an optimus m rooted and iv never added a google account but i keep getting notifications to add an account what app could i remove to stop that?

  2. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    its so far integrated into your GOOGLE phone that its impossible to get rid of... you need google to use this phones play store, to search, email, everything. sorry :(
  3. AndroidMoo

    AndroidMoo Well-Known Member

    I think you MIGHT be able to get rid of that if you flashed a custom rom without flashing gapps (google apps)
  4. douglasr007

    douglasr007 Well-Known Member

    Just make a Google account. Why are you so against making an account?
  5. h4x0rj3ff

    h4x0rj3ff Chemist

    I second this! eventually you might want to download an app from the store and you need an account for that. even just to download the facebook app you need a google account.
  6. zimlokks

    zimlokks VIP Member VIP Member

    If u really want to remove all google apps (gapps) i will make script.

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