How to remove JS/Heur Virus on my x8??Support

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  1. taraG

    taraG New Member

    i have already scanned it through my pc's AVG but it is still there. the antivirus just blocked it but did not removed/deleted it though i have selected this JS/Heur to be deleted. I have also tried to set my phone on factory settings but the virus is still there. PLEASE HELP ME get rid of it. I badly need your help. its starting to malfunction..

  2. gabeyong

    gabeyong Well-Known Member


    You need to install a antivirus app on your phone using Google Play and try to remove the virus or re-install your software using PC Companion. I do not think there is another method.

    cheers :)
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  3. taraG

    taraG New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I already have one, its AVG. But when I'm scanning my phone, the settings content are not "checked". It says that my phone is running in a high privilege mode. what does it mean? is that a virus?? thank you in advance!
  4. mdfazley

    mdfazley New Member

    try to use antivirus 'drweb'..

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