How to remove root

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  1. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    Its Simple. Screen Broke, Im doing a insurance Claim, now i need it unrooted. So how do I do this?


  2. andreco1394

    andreco1394 New Member

    I have a question though, and may not be completely in synch with this thread.... I bricked my phone a couple of days ago. And I managed to fix it! ;) I ran root checker and it says its not rooted. If I were to factory reset it, would it go to a boot loop, or get bricked again?

  3. qandres12

    qandres12 Well-Known Member

    it a a bootloop is what manny consider a soft brick. if you were able to get it back then you had a soft brick which isnt really even a brick. a hard brick is when you can even turn the phone on and you wouldnt have bee able to bring it back to life. so if you were able to bring it back once you can do it again. so you can just factory reset there's really nothing to worry about
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