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  1. LiquidSwords

    LiquidSwords New Member


    I'm obviously new here and to android.
    Just bought a Galaxy Note 2 and this "shortcut tab" has apperead, its not fixed to the home screen its a halfcircle I can move around and when I click it it spawns a list of thumbnail shortcuts.
    It seemingly appeared when I opened the Internet browser??

    How do I get rid of it?

    Thanks in advance
    Regard, Magnus. :)

  2. nebush

    nebush New Member

    press & hold the back button .....
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  3. LiquidSwords

    LiquidSwords New Member

    Thanks a buttload!
    Please excuse my lack of knowledge I have been trapped in the iOS for 8 months, my tech sense had clearly taken damage
  4. ScandaLeX

    ScandaLeX Wasn't Me

    That shortcut you're trying to get rid of is the multi view the rest of us are salivating to get. ;) Youtube Note 2 and multi view; you'll understand what the hype is about and WELCOME to android and the forums!
  5. spc1969

    spc1969 New Member

    Thanks for that!! It was driving me nuts. I too am revelling in coming to the Dark Side away from the the iPhone prison that I had made. My Galaxy Note 2 is the most amazing phone I have ever had, and the ability to use Tasker, and other apps to reconfiger and personalize it is absolutely fantastic. But the only thing I couldn't figure out was this button and how it had appeared hahaha. Thanks again :)

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