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    RepairsUniverse compiled a written repair guide to repair a damaged screen or other internal components on your HTC One X. This detailed take apart guide will walk you through each step on how to disassemble and replace the damaged parts on your One X.

    This guide will help you to install the following HTC One X part(s):
    • HTC One X Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement
    • HTC One X LCD Screen Replacement

    Tools Required:
    • Safe Open Pry Tool
    • Small Phillips Screwdriver
    • Adhesive Strips (for touch screen repair)
    • Hot Air Gun / Hair Dryer

    HTC One X Repair Guide:
    • First, using a safe open pry tool begin releasing the back housing. Start at the bottom of the device and work your way around the edges, applying pressure to pop the case off. With all 3 sides released you can pull the device from the back cover. Be careful as the battery is often adhered to the housing and will need to be removed with the rest of the device.
    • The back cover had been removed, start removing the small plastic housing located near the camera. Used Small Phillips screwdriver then remove the five (5) screws shown in red on figure 1.

    Figure 1​

    • One (1) more small Phillips screws that will be placed at the bottom of the motherboard, near the battery, that will need to be removed.
    • Now release all the connections located on the motherboard. Release the single pop connector and jaw connector located on the top of the motherboard (shown in orange in figure 1).
    • Release the power button flex cable and volume button flex cable from the housing. These will be lightly adhered to the housing (shown in green in figure 1).
    • You can now gently lift the motherboard up, being careful as it is still attached with flex cables. The battery can also be swung out, revealing two (2) more connection on the skinny part of the motherboard. Release these two connections and remove the motherboard and battery from the device (shown in figure 2).

    Figure 2​

    • Start warming the front of the screen assembly using heat gun or hair dryer. Work around the outside edges of the screen on medium heat for about 45 seconds. This will soften the adhesive holding the screen assembly to the housing.
    • Once the screen is properly heated you can use a safe open pry tool to being lifting the screen assembly away from the housing. Be sure to lift both screens out at the same time.
    • After the screens are initially released, be sure the flex cables are fed through the housing. Remove the screen assembly.
    • Use the heat gun or hair dryer again to warm the seal between the touch screen and LCD screen. Use quick movements for about 30 seconds. Once this is complete, use a safe open pry tool to carefully separate the screens.
    • You can now replace the touch screen digitizer or LCD screen.

    Reverse the instructions above to reassemble your phone.

  2. Madam Alli

    Madam Alli New Member

    Is it the same method for One XL?
  3. JeepFreak

    JeepFreak New Member

    I came here wondering the same thing... anybody know???
  4. repairsuniverse

    repairsuniverse Well-Known Member

    Sorry to say we have not yet attempted a repair on that device. Check back in the near future for any updates.

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