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  1. brifye

    brifye New Member

    So I had this phone for a whole week sat it on the counter and my little boy got a hold of it and started sucking on the home keys. After that happened the keys worked at random so I wanted to take the phone apart to see if I could troubleshoot. While taking the phone apart I accidentally tore the motherboard Flex cable ribbon so I was pretty bummed about that. I re-ordered the cable. Before I put this in my phone I know that one end of the cable clamps right in but the other end does not have a clipping device and was held on by blue tape. I had to kind of pry it off so I was wondering when I replace this do I need to replace it with the same blue tape holding it on because there is not any connector I can see and it doesn't look like I can solder it to the board so a little advice would be helpful

    Thank you

  2. tiede

    tiede Well-Known Member

    The new one should have come with a replacement tape, no?
  3. brifye

    brifye New Member

    Don't know wont get the part till tonite
  4. alcala1219

    alcala1219 Member

    did you ever find a fix to this. i recently replaced my screen and when i connected everything back together the screen would not work unless there was pressure on that connecter with the blu tape???

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