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  1. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

    My Rev has updated to Gingerbread. In doing so I can no longer switch from hotspot to tether. I can certainly turn off the hotspot, the select tether but the phone restarts the hotspot.

    Thus far the only way I can make this work is to cycle the power on the phone.

    So how do bugs get reported?

    FYI, folks have posted about their Rev phone restarting, mine just did it, it seems related to the phone searching for updates.

  2. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

    I spent a couple of Internet hours last night reading about Gingerbread in all kinds of Android phones. I was looking for the owners of the Code/OS.

    I never really found any organization that claims responsibility or ownership for this code? How can that be? Is Android just an open architecture even in the OS level?

    Of all the phone manufactures forums I saw there wasn't one place to report a bug. There has got to be a way to find the developers of the REV code!!!
  3. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

  4. sgschwend

    sgschwend Well-Known Member

    I posted a buy yesterday and find that there are 40 new ones since then. Most of the bugs are being given one star which I assume means lowest priority.

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