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How to reset Pattern Lock from myTouch?Support

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  1. virakcam

    virakcam Active Member

    Guys, please help me, I accidentally put on the
    pattern lock now I don't like it anymore. Can
    you help me reset it? Thanks,

  2. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

    As long as you actually know what the pattern is, you can definitely reset it.

    Go to Settings > Location and Security > Set up screen lock > Pattern
  3. virakcam

    virakcam Active Member

  4. acecantu

    acecantu New Member

    :confused:what if i forgot my pattern can i still reset it. on a tmobile mytouch:confused:
  5. Basscasey

    Basscasey Well-Known Member

    I believe you can reset it by using your Google login info. When you try to change it a few times unsuccessfully it will ask you your Google info....again, I believe.

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