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  1. dkjf7F56nS

    dkjf7F56nS New Member

    Happy New Year!

    I am a new user and after installing a newer version from Samsung, I have trouble with my Galaxy 10.1: I cannot increase (letter) size in certain web pages like newspapers. I tried factory reset, but that did not help. How can I reset back to my original version? Thanks.

  2. Jacksmyname

    Jacksmyname Well-Known Member

    Download the version you want from, and flash it with a computer program called Odin. If you decide to do this, do a factory reset first. After the reset, just do enough to get the tablet working, don't update any pre-installed apps or re-install your apps just yet. Then flash the firmware. This helps to get a nice clean install of the firmware.
    Google for Odin.

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