How to reset your phone to 10 unlock attempts remainingTips

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  1. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Member

    Plug the phone in, or make sure it has a good charge!

    This may even work on a hard bricked phone - one that shows 0 tries left - but I am not positive on that. We need a volunteer to try it.

    Hold the D-Pad to the left while powering on the phone.

    "Wipe Userdata" will appear on the screen. You just lost everything you had on it, but it's worth it.

    It will take a while, just leave it alone. It will reboot. The first boot will take a while, it may even seem to hang on the boot screen, just leave it alone as it's setting up for a 1st run. I did a Master Clear after the 1st boot. I may not have needed this, but I am not sure. When in doubt...and I had a T-Mobile SIM in it (unactivated) so I was able to get into the Master Clear section.


    Try this WITHOUT the master clear. At one point I had to enter my unlock code again, and I believe it was right after a master clear. I have a T-Mobile phone unlocked on Rogers Canada.

  2. loopbak

    loopbak New Member

    Hi friends i'm new on the forum and i need your help, i bought a garminphone a50 but i can't unlock it i bought the code to unlock it but always show 'Incorrect code unlock' and when i do a hard reset always show enter code (0 left) the phone is always locked and i can't update
  3. Abzal

    Abzal New Member

    Same problem.
    "Hold the D-Pad to the left while powering on the phone."
    Don't help. On the screen just: "Enter code"
  4. teephil

    teephil New Member

    Thank you! Time consuming, but this absolutely works. But you must have a T-Mobile SIM inserted in order to access the menus as it is indeed very important to do a master clear after the OS loads up or else it won't take.

    These are the exact steps I took to successfully reset two Garminfones:

    1. Insert a T-Mobile SIM, close battery cover.
    2. Power on while holding left D-pad down until ** WIPE USERDATA ** appears.
    3. Wait for phone to do it's thang.
    4. Accept all agreements/disclaimers when prompted.
    5. Go into system settings and do a master clear.
    6. Wait for phone to do it's thang.
    7. When the phone loads up and asks you to chose a language, you may pull the battery.
    8. Remove the SIM and power up again. You should now have 10 attempts remaining.
  5. Abzal

    Abzal New Member

    Me help only reflash phone
  6. Spazmogen

    Spazmogen Member

    Follow the instructions as teephil and I posted.

    If your phone is from another provider (OPTUS or Videotron etc) then use a SIM from that company and not the T-Mobile SIM that we mentioned. The SIM does not even have to be activated.

    If you're phone is currently unlocked, you may be locked again right after the master clear. Just FYI. Keep your unlock codes for future use.

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