how to restore contacts and data after reseting factory

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  1. asifjanjua88

    asifjanjua88 Member

    hi guys,

    I have reset the factory of my phone from privacy -> factory data reset because my phone became so slow and at forums people suggest me to reset factory. After resenting factory when i checked my phone i found that it erase all my data in phone contacts and MSG etc. but i have enabled the Google backup and restore data options of my phone. kindly guide me how i restore that backup using wifi network.

    thanx in advance..

  2. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Once you login to your Google account, contacts auto sync with your phone.

    Go to settings>accounts or account or sync>Tap Google account, check contact.
  3. asifjanjua88

    asifjanjua88 Member

    hi guys

    Thnx for reply... but i need to restore the contacts of my phone... i do not need the sync the contacts of Google. kindly guide me and tell me that is google take a backup of phone contacts by enabling the option which i mention in previous post.
  4. asifjanjua88

    asifjanjua88 Member

    hi to everyone...

    i am not able to understand that why are not anyone answering to my query.. its a vary pathetic situation for those who are controlling this forum....

  5. asifjanjua88

    asifjanjua88 Member


    Can i assume that no one is capable to answer my this query. As i am in serious trouble... is there any way to recover my phone contacts at-least.... 78 people view this thread but no one answered to my query it is vary pathetic and serious concerned for this forum....

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