How to root a THL W1+, MTK6577, andriod 4.04

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  1. stylesoft

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    Hi All,

    Phone: ThL W1+ (sometimes called W1 updated)
    Dual core, A7, MTK6577, 1gb RAM, 4.3", QHD, 4gb ROM, front 2mp, back 8mp camera, Dual SIM.

    Spent several days trying to root this phone, hoping someone can help, so far I've tried:

    The default HTC driver for windows, then the MTK6577 driver from the website. (these both seem to work)

    SuperOneClick (several times, gets stuck at step #7)
    I've confirmed all other options such as USB debugging.

    Tried several other applications.

    I'm down to two options from what I've read, and this is where I'd like some advice.
    1) to load rootsu or some program onto the SD card and launch
    2) load up a new ROM, such as DarkyROM which is pre-rooted.

    Questions, if I load up a new ROM, isn't that the most dangerous? and will any ROM work on this HTC copy Chinese phone? (or do android 4+ ROMS work on any android hardware?)

    Lastly I would like a 4.2 android ROM, but not so important.

    Any help much appreciated!

  2. stylesoft

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    I have tried this 5 Quick Easy Steps to Root Your MT6577/MTK6577-based Android devices

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