How to root after gingerbread 2.3.4 update

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  1. arun489

    arun489 Member

    i've updated my phone to ging 2.3.4.. and now rooting with z4root and superoneclick are not working.. is there any other way to root..

  2. czes21

    czes21 Member

  3. Sppookkyy

    Sppookkyy Well-Known Member

    Does that work for the lg esteem?
  4. czes21

    czes21 Member

    try only super one clik may help
  5. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Plz Help & tell me how to root my galaxy551???
  6. czes21

    czes21 Member

    2.2 froyo super one click
    2.3.4 ginger bread patch easy root +super one click
  7. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Ihave Some Quest...
    It Work on 551???
    if it done den can i able to move aap to sd..??
  8. czes21

    czes21 Member

    I have android 2.3.4. Perseus 2.0 rom. everything works great. Only when I push the character? appears "
  9. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

  10. Sciencedude12

    Sciencedude12 Member

    yeah i want to know how to root 2.34 samsung galaxy 511 too! i mangaed to root at 2.2 and flash the stock 2.34 but now i don"t know how to root. What exactly do you mean by "patch easy root"...instructions and links would help alot! thanks!!

    i have a probelm with "?" too...anyone with a solution?
  11. Sciencedude12

    Sciencedude12 Member

    hi, i flashed the patch and used the gingerbreak function....i still can't root!!! anyone with a solution???

    edit:: i could root my took 30 minustes!!!! even though it was not responding! ...i just left it there...eventually it rooted...haha

    jbanti: is your version 2.3 or 2.2?
  12. czes21

    czes21 Member

    i have 2.3.4 root
    download easy root patch

    flash as one pack in odin then run super one click in gingerbreak

    super one click may freez so open 2nd super one clik
  13. Chetan.Viper

    Chetan.Viper Member

    hey! i updated my phone to gingerbread 2.3.4! but i am not able to root my phone using z4root! any other way? i tried using super one click..its just hangs...

    please help!
  14. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Paste below in SD CARD

    Go to recovery mode T+Power (KEYBOARD T)
    Navigate via Volume Keys
    Select "update from sdcard" with the CAPS lock key
    Navigate to
    Select ""
    reboot system
    You have a rooted device

    No need of custom kernel, SOC or Z4root .AND z4root supports only devices till android 2.2 .Even Android 2.2.2 is not supported since google patched the exploit .
  15. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    Maa version is 2.2
  16. jbanti

    jbanti Active Member

    frnz i want to root my 551 n den want to change my rom can any one tell me whc iz working or good rom for my 551 n whr can i get ths...
  17. sachingani

    sachingani New Member

    Hey dude can u pls tell me in detail how u updated 2.3 to samsung galaxy 551?
    u pls mail me at
    i will be waitg for your reply.. its an humble request.
  18. lemedic

    lemedic New Member

    Thx it's working, now i've my gallaxy 551 rooted.
  19. Pugnax2

    Pugnax2 New Member


    Your method works perfectly - until I turn off my mobile. Every time I turn it on, it needs to be rooted again.

    Is this the expected behaviour? Is there any workaround for this problem?

  20. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    This is definitely not expected behavior .I really have no idea :( .It's actually a long time since I actually have a stock ROM in my phone .I will try to find the problem :) .No guarantee though :)
  21. shubhashish

    shubhashish New Member

    heyy guys..if any one of u has successfully rooted galaxy-551 with gingerbread(2.3.4) ...pls tell hw to do it
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  22. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member i tried it but it said E:signature verification failed i tried renaming it to to no results. i don't know how this really works but is there a way to get this "signed"???? also i have the stock recovery as i don't know how to use odin which im sure is why i can't run the unsigned zip HELP
  23. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    How about this one ??
    I have signed it and tested it .
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  24. shemslocum

    shemslocum Well-Known Member

    i actually figured out odin and stuff but ill try thay whenever j screw my phone il and have to reflash to stock lol
  25. zeus17

    zeus17 Active Member

    am i understanding this right juct download the file and boot to recovery apply the file on boot revcovery..after that your phione is rooted????

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