How to root and instal Cyanogenmod 7 Tmobile Lg Mytouch e-739

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  1. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    Alright, so first things first. Rooting. Literally all I did was download UnlockRoot and it did it in one click. I have seen people get errors. You will have to play around with it, like unplug your phone and replug it in or whatever. I used this to help me.
    Youtube video help - How to Root: Any Gingerbread ( MyTouch E739 by LG (One Click Root) - YouTube
    UnlockRoot - Unlock Root of Android

    Next thing is to get clockworkmod. All you have to do is download ROM Manager from the market and click Flash clockworkmod recovery and then scroll till you see the "Lg Optimus SOL/TMo LG Mytouch" one. Click and let it finish and you have clockworkmod.

    Finally and installing cm7.

    First your going to go download the latest Cm7 and gapps to put on the root of your sd card.

    Just download from these two links, the lastest cm7 and the gapps right beside cm7 on the wiki page.
    Download Cyanogen from here - CyanogenMod Downloads
    Download Lastest Gapps next to cm7 here - Latest Version/Google Apps - CyanogenMod Wiki

    And It's literally a pain in the butt to boot manually into CWM...

    What ive done though and ive gotten into it 100% now is.

    Power down the phone

    Hold power button and volume down button for three seconds (almost exactly 3 seconds, count like 1dot2dot3dot)

    right at 3 seconds, press the soft keys Menu and Back at the same time...

    When the Lg logo appears, let go of the power button but still hold the volume down button+soft keys Menu and Back

    Im serious, you will have to get the hang of it. Its pretty hard.

    Let me know if you have any problems...

    As for the RC1 install, here's what I did....

    I had been flashing the nightly builds since like 4 or 5. I've read that you have to have nightly 7 in order to flash the RC1. I've also read that someone flashed RC1 over nightly 6 and it works just as fine...

    This is what I did and it worked great. As always, use at your own risk....

    Go into CWM and do a NANDROID BACKUP!!!

    Most current google apps
    and RC1 zip file... And make certain they can be accessed from CWM (I've wiped everything before and realized the files were on the internal memory of my tablet and I couldn't reach them through CWM)

    Wipe data/factory reset

    wipe cache partition

    go to advanced

    wipe Delvik Cache

    Wipe battery stats

    Go back to main menu

    Go to mounts/storage

    Format System

    Then go back to main

    install Zip from SD Card

    Choose RC1 ZIP from the appropriate folder...

    then install Zip from SD Card

    Choose the most current google apps zip and install it.

    then reboot the phone... wait for a bit, the boot logo will be there for a few extra minutes... The phone will come on and voila, there you go... RC1... Hit me up if you have any questions....

  2. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    I just wanted to clarify, if I already have nightly 6 or 7 for the LG E739 running on my phone, I still need to carry out the following before I can install the RC1 zip?

    Or can I just install the RC1 straight on top of the nightly 6 or 7?
  3. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    I believe you can, but i installed it as a fresh install and it works great. I did find the only thing was the front camera takeing pictures and flipping them upside down again. Im sure they will fix it in the next release.
  4. ArizonaG1

    ArizonaG1 New Member

    I signed in just to say, "screw the whole back button + volume thing."

    Awesome guide though, worked perfectly.
  5. RosscoS

    RosscoS Member

    Thanks Ryanbconn! I had RC1 running really well without installing any nightlies prior, but I did something to it to make it laggy, so I have wiped my phone and am working my way through the nightlies & making nandroid backups of each as I go.

    I have noticed nightly 7 is no longer on the CW site, does anyone have a copy?
  6. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    I went from the cm6 nightly, but even when i did that i never made a backup or anything. I just went the steps i posted and now it works just great. Also, always restart your phone once or twice to let your phone write the dalvik back, and should run smoothly, also with alot more ram than the stock. Phone works fantastic now.
  7. pastafarian

    pastafarian P√Ętes avec votre foie Moderator

    Thread moved.
  8. hartinian

    hartinian Member

    Hey ryanbconn. Thanks for the instructions.

    I'm having an issue with manually booting into cwm.

    I tried the button combination, but it hasn't been successful.

    Is there more info you can give me.

    Also with today's release of cm7, should we first apply that then RC?
  9. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    Umm, gosh man lol, you kinda have to figure out a rhythm yourself, i literally failed everytime at first but now i know my rhythm and i get it everytime. All i do is hold power and vol up, count 1 dot 2 dot 3 dot, then press the 3 bars, and the back arrow, and the let go of power, like u dont have to do that part all fast, just kinda take ur finger off the power button and then hold the other 3 buttons and wait till your into cm, and if you get past the lg logo and ur not into cm then gotta restart all that.
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  10. hartinian

    hartinian Member

  11. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    They posted two nightlys of cm9 for e739 today :)
  12. hartinian

    hartinian Member

    I saw! 42612 one is more stable. Awesome!
  13. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    Did you say the first one was more stable? If so i want it lol. Having, freeze and signal probs with the second one.
  14. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    Also, can you tell me if you can connect your phone to your computer even with the drivers installed. I cant seem to get it to connect, i have the lg drivers and everything but it doesnt find it.
  15. hartinian

    hartinian Member

    Yeah. the first one is more stable. I tried the later one and it was really buggy. The first one is 90% stable. The bugs are if you press the sleep/wake button repeatedly, the phone will freeze. Also if you press it from time to time the phone will reboot.

    Yeah the second one was real buggy.
  16. hartinian

    hartinian Member

    Same. Won't connect...
  17. ryanbconn

    ryanbconn Active Member

    Hey, i got it fixed. First go to settings>dev options>disable Android Debugging. Then Just go to settings>storage>(now you have to wait a sec or if u do the next steps your phone will freeze)>after waiting a sec click soft menu key>usb computer settings or something like that> hit mtp. then your good.
  18. lostclee

    lostclee New Member

    The YouTube video is no longer available. I have unlocked the root of my phone with superoneclick because unlockroot didn't work for me. I have flashed with clockworkmod. I have downloaded cyanogenmod 9 and the google apps latest version. Now do I need to download the RC1 file? Could you please tell me the steps next. I also already did a backup through clockworkmod.
  19. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    How much more ram did you gain by installing CM? Supposedly according to LG, the e739 has 2gb of ram, but it doesn't register that with the stock version...
  20. downeaststudio

    downeaststudio Well-Known Member

    I find that using ADB on my PC is easier to load a new ROM with rather than trying to use the key combo on the phone. I force the phone into recovery mode with it and then choose the restore option. You then select the backup file you are trying to install and press the power button. Then your phone does the rest...
  21. francisco12

    francisco12 New Member

    Where do i download the drivers? I tried the main website but it says access denied
  22. Tikktator

    Tikktator New Member

    thanks a bunch, i registered solely to thank the OP for a great tutorial, and solid links.
    after rebooting, the setup wizard doesn't work though...gonna remove the RC (i dl'ed the wrong one) and try again with the right one.
  23. Tikktator

    Tikktator New Member

    everything works great since re installing without RC's added to the end of the sequence, gonna experiment some more but am happy with straight up cm7 if nothing else. Thanks again.
  24. Aemilius

    Aemilius New Member

    Hey guys, uber nub here, I just bought a LG E739 yesterday and coming from an unrooted HTC Evo I'm interested in rooting this phone and finally get the benefits of a rooted phone, is this guide still up to date? I'm running Android Version 2.3.6 if that helps.

    Thanks D:

    Edit: Nevermind, got it to work by following the guide, if anyone came here by google and is wondering if this method works for 2.3.6 it does, as long as you follow the guide you'll be fine.

    The hardest part is getting into recovery mode, that shit was annoying.
  25. diezmon

    diezmon New Member

    Yep, another new dude.. I mave an E379 that I'd previously rooted. yesterday I did the steps in in this thread to the letter. after installing google apps and rebooting my phone won't get past the cyanogen animation.

    -I can't do a hard reset, I've been trying for hours but still, it just sits at the animation.

    -adb and fastboot won't detect my phone anymore either. I have all the current drivers and I could detect it prior to trying to mod it yesterday.

    I used and

    I've been googling this problem and the only solution I can seem to find is the hard reset, which doesn't work for me.

    What are my options?? There's got to be a way to fix this!


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