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how to root at&t gs2

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  1. pogiewun

    pogiewun Well-Known Member

  2. Skip01

    Skip01 New Member

    Whats benefits of rooting it right now?

    Or should one wait til its out for longer
  3. pogiewun

    pogiewun Well-Known Member

    for me its titanium back up, font changer and barnacle wifi tether. all of them require root.
  4. Mostly Harmless

    Mostly Harmless Well-Known Member Contributor

    Plus removing all the bloatware.
  5. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    For me, installing CM7 :)
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  6. pogiewun

    pogiewun Well-Known Member

  7. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

    Actually, changing the font on the GS2 doesn't require root. It's built in. Settings > Display > Screen Display > Font Style
  8. pogiewun

    pogiewun Well-Known Member

    oh i know :D. i actually use the app for the screen density option :cool:.
  9. tfolks206

    tfolks206 Member

    hey guys

    i have no idea what im doing here so this is what im trying to do.

    i like the phone and all but have a few things i want to tweak

    1) the homescreen to have 5 dock icons, i have this now, i downloaded ADW launcher but i want to make the icons a little bit bigger

    2) change the lockscreen

    3)i want to use Go pro SMS for my messaging unless i can edit the stock one. i have this done but i want to change the icon from the gosms icon to a regular message icon but i also want it to show the notification (similar to the iphone)

    can i solve some of this through rooting or what, sorry for posting this here i just dont know
  10. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

    Ahhh. ;)
  11. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Well-Known Member

    Yayyy!! That was ridiculously easy. Thank you!!!
  12. ORT

    ORT Member

    Total newb to the Droid arena. I tried to do this lastnight but can not get superoneclick to work. I downloaded the zip file but when I try to unzip I just get a message that says superoneclick stopped working. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  13. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Well-Known Member

    Maybe try a different program to extract it?
  14. ORT

    ORT Member

    Any suggestions as to what program I should use?
  15. maerlim

    maerlim Well-Known Member

    Yes and no. Seems like you want an entirely new theme and/or a new ROM. You need to be rooted to do that, but you should probably see if there are any themes or ROMs out there that will do what you want first. Also maybe see if any other launchers out there will do what you want that maybe don't even need root.
  16. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Well-Known Member

    I use WinRAR.
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  17. ORT

    ORT Member

    That worked like a charm. Thanks. Now I just have to figure out if I have everything else I need to root this phone.
  18. Puddin422

    Puddin422 Well-Known Member

    You need Odin 1.82, the drivers, superoneclick, and the clockwordmod file. Easiest thing to do is to create a folder in your computer just for Android stuff. :)
  19. Simba501

    Simba501 Well-Known Member

    I have one :D.
  20. ORT

    ORT Member

    OK, I downloaded all four things I need. So is clockwork just left zipped as it was when downloadex and then its location entered into Odin when I get to that step?
  21. Lagunar

    Lagunar Well-Known Member

    can somebody tell me why do i have to flash it before rooting it???
    the method to root the captivate doesn't involve rooting it
    i'm kind of skeptical
  22. zedomax

    zedomax Member

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  23. sharkster

    sharkster Member

    This worked flawlessly UKCH7
  24. Lagunar

    Lagunar Well-Known Member

    well, it worked without any problems for me!
  25. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    Try a free program called 7-Zip. I don't have a url for it, but just run a Google search.


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