How to root Evo View with hboot 1.14.0005 ??Support

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  1. drive88mph

    drive88mph Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to root a Htc Evo View with Honeycomb and hboot 1.14.0005 ??

    the guy who sold me the tablet update it and now i cant find a solution for this

    anyone has any idea on how i can downgrade or whatever to root?

  2. serratusPI

    serratusPI Active Member

    Xda devs have set up a pretty simple method for going back and forth from gb to hc. Just follow instructions.
  3. drive88mph

    drive88mph Well-Known Member

    thanks @serratusPI but it says that i cant use it if i have original HTC BOOT which i have because the guy who sold it had absolutely no idea what a custom rom was. He just used the regular update from HTC
  4. serratusPI

    serratusPI Active Member

    I would keep searching through that forum.I know they created a way for those who accepted the original hc ota update to downgrade back to gb, then get s-off via revolutionary, then basically have the ability to go back and forth at will. I'm not exactly sure the method because I never accepted the hc update, but I'm almost positive it can be done.

    Edit: I think this is what you're looking for. It seems a bit complex, but it should get you back to gb, then you can run the s-off from there. Hope this helps, good luck!
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  5. drive88mph

    drive88mph Well-Known Member

    Well i managed to root my Evo View using the method from my question is, does this make the S:OFF ? or i need extra steps so i can freely install custom roms without problems?

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