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How to root Huawei U8500?Need help...

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  1. Huawi

    Huawi New Member

    I want to root my phone with z4root,but seems that when i tap permanent root,
    it takes 30 sec. then i get back to home screen and it with no root.When that
    happens,i can't root again,my phone become slow and bug.I fix that by rebooting my phone.What now? :confused:

    Did i need to recovery phone,restarting whole system then try root?
    I had ADW launcher,but i deleted now,and take out SD card...
    More detail instructions for z4root????

    I also plug in a cable from phone to computer and USB is in debugging mode.
    What i miss? I want to install Cyanogen-mod,then i will be happy :D

    For now,nothing...(Also,i will not try SuperOneClick,it may brick phone)
    Phone model:Huawei U8500 (IDEOS x3),android version 2.2.2

  2. Huawi

    Huawi New Member

    sorry for bad spelling
  3. Huawi

    Huawi New Member

    ER,fixed already,no help from u....
    Now is rooted
  4. hu8500

    hu8500 New Member

    Please let me know how did you do it as I exactly have the same problem.
    Thank you
  5. Cute boy

    Cute boy New Member

    I want to root my U8500.. being a fresh Android user, I don't know much about it. Could help me? where to get z4 and how to install it? then how to root from it?
  6. ILoveEmjeih

    ILoveEmjeih New Member

    how to root u8500 ..please help me ..i have some difficulties rooting ..
  7. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :) Guide

    Hello, ILoveEmjeih, welcome to the forums! :)

    I was looking through some threads above in the root section to see if there is a way, you might look there too to see what you think, in the meantime though, I found this old post, I hope it helps.


    I suggest posting up there with questions and stuff for rooting, feel free to start a new thread with details if you have any issues.

    Thanks for joining! :)

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