How to root LG P350

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  1. GoranI

    GoranI Member

    Hello! I have LG Optimus Me P350 with Android 2.2.2 and firmware version V10e-SEP-28-2011. I tried to root with GingerBreak 1.2. I followed all instructions, but there is not root. In hangs and says "Rooting phone..." but don`t restarts. I waited for 40 minutes but nothing. Can someone tell me how to do root ?:confused:

  2. androvaishu

    androvaishu Member

    Even i had the exact same problem...!!! But following the below instructions,u will be easily able to root it.But its a bit risky and have the chances to brick the phone as i did.But if that happens,just do everything again. :).

    Just goto: Root LG Optimus Me P350 After Firmware Update

    And follow the steps correctly.Contact me if everything goes well or if any help needed!!

    Vaishakh Nambiar
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  3. GoranI

    GoranI Member

    Thanks for the answer, but I have found another way to do this:
    I rooted my LG P350 with SUPERONECLICK v Here is how:
    Before all this I installed LG Android drivers and LG United drivers.
    First, unmounted SD card and turned USB debuging ON.
    Second, I unninstaled GingerBreak an other rooting apps.
    Third, I rebooted my phone.
    Then I connected it via USB cable an opened SuperOneClick.exe on my PC.
    After I hit "Root".
    In about minute all was done and my phone rebooted.
    At the end I had root privileges and installe apps that require root access.

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  4. androvaishu

    androvaishu Member

    Cool!! Welcome to the new and exciting world of custom roms and overclocking...!!!
  5. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Moved to All- things-Root Sub-forum :)
  6. TheMagwitch

    TheMagwitch New Member

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum so pardon my ignorance. I'd followed the instructions on rooting my p350 and it works fine. A thought occurred to me though and it's nagging me so I thought I'd ask: after having my phone rooted may I still restore it to its default factory settings? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance ;)

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