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How To Root Micromax A110 [Micromax Canvas A110] : Exclusive guide

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  1. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    Hi Friends,

    I Have Bought Micromax A110 Canvas 2 Yesterday.

    ---Good Phone support HD video and HD Games.

    --- 1Ghz Dual Core Processor

    --- Android 4.0.4 ICS with update

    --- 5" Screen with good tuch

    --- Dual Sim with interchange 3g Mode

    --- Bluetooth 3.0

    --- 2000 mAh Bettery

    --- 512 MB Apps Memory and 2 GB Internal Memory


    Micromax Canvas 2 i.e. Micromax A110 root by Bin4ry's rooting tool. Thanks to Bin4ry's for this rooting tool. This device was recently rooted and thus enjoys superuser access. The development for this 5 inch dual core processor powered Android Phablet will, for sure, be accelerated with this. The rooting procedure is really easy, and you will follow the given Procedure ---

    1--- Enable USB debugging on your device. To do that, go to Settings > Development > USB debugging.
    2--- Connect your device to any PC/laptop. The drivers will be installed automatically.
    3--- Unzip the root tool you downloaded by given link.
    4--- Run the runme.bat file.


    Download Tools --- Bin4ry for Root A110 By sagarwep.7z

    5--- A command prompt with weird green letters will pop-up on your screen.
    Follow the onscreen instructions carefully. To start off, you willl need to type in a "1" and press enter.
    [Note: If you ever want to Unroot your Micromax A110, follow the above steps till you reach this one and then, instead of typing "1", type "x" and hit enter. Follow the instructions that appear on the command prompt after that.]

    6--- Your device will reboot during the process after which Bin4ry will copy some files to your device.


    7--- When the green letters in the command prompt says Have Fun!, then... Have fun.
    8--- That means, your device is rooted now and you can enjoy Superuser permissions!


    ----By Sagarwep

  2. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    Moderator Please Develop New Micromax A110 Canvas2 Thread In Phone section
  3. borsutkar

    borsutkar Well-Known Member

    Thanks sagerwap for taking initiative...I also bought this fone simply fabulous....value for money...

    Thanks once again..

    one request if possible please check solution to download HD game data on sdcard2(external sdcard), by default it try to download on sdcard(internal sdcard) but fails because of space unavailability...

    This is what I found please check out....
    How to install app in external micro sdcard in micromax a110 - Complete Guide
  4. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    ---This guide for default internal sd card but this is risky because CWM recovery not avilable so wait some time. I m provide custom recovery after some time.

    ---for game download via google serch and install menually apk and move to external sd card and copy data to external sd card.
  5. kulpreet

    kulpreet Well-Known Member

    How is the :-
    1. Performance, did you experienced any lagging?
    2. Internal memory size?
    3. HD Games performance?
    4. Dual standby working, means second sim live when attending call on first sim?
    5. Screen resolution is good or not?
  6. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for root guide sagarwep...i m also in the league of A110 now...awesome device.
  7. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

  8. iswanadi

    iswanadi Well-Known Member

    is this 512mb ram or 1Gb ram? what gpu? pv 531 or qualcomm
  9. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    I think 512 mb ram and
    1 ghz dual core processor with gpu qualcomm...
  10. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    1---good performance and smooth
    2---hd games support
    3---working dual standby
    4---almond screen with multi touch...
  11. itzmiandy

    itzmiandy Well-Known Member

  12. itzmiandy

    itzmiandy Well-Known Member

  13. prax45

    prax45 Active Member

    I am facing gps locking problems and it is not downloading the epo files it is telling that epo files update failed plz plz plz help me
  14. borsutkar

    borsutkar Well-Known Member

    NFS mostwanted without problems...that to data on external sdcard..:)
  15. vibhakarl

    vibhakarl Member

    I goofed up up somethingafter rooting . my gmail, google play nything related google not working.
    factory re set not working :(
    help pro's
  16. prax45

    prax45 Active Member

    Do a factory reset all will work
  17. tullah_hiday

    tullah_hiday New Member

    I am in really a mess snow. I have rooted the device and tried to change the swap the SD card by editing the file vold.fstab using ES file explorer and by Replacing the sdcard with sdcard2 and sdcard2 with sdcard and saved the text and rebooted the device and now the Phone is not detecting both the memory cards showing as External card error.

    Please Please Please help me . Its very urgent guys.

  18. tullah_hiday

    tullah_hiday New Member

    When I opened the Es File Explorer i get the below error message.


    Please Guys save me . I badly need help in this. Please Please Guys.
  19. sagarwep

    sagarwep Well-Known Member

    If u use Vold.fstab modified file follow the following instruction -

    ---First download the modified Vold.fstab link here

    ---After that use root exploler and go to directory and replace file

    ---And set permission -rw--rr--


    Attached Files:

  20. akbarsha

    akbarsha New Member

    Nice guide for rooting...
    could anyone please tell me how to root this
    Micromax a110 from a Linux machine. I'm using Linux Ubuntu

    And I have a problem. while charging the device
    It misbehaves with my touches. When I touches
    The phone it responses with irrelavant operations.
    It responses with some other operations where I didn't actually
    Touch. This problem persist only when I'm charging
    The phone. Could anyone please help me? Thanks in advance.

    Purchased on Nov 7th...

    Awesome phone!!! But 2gb internal storage is not enough for
    Gaming. I would prefer directory bind to play games from external SD.
    Will it be fast enough to play games?
  21. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    which charger u r using??
    original one??
    the touch screen sucks in android mobile when u use 3rd party charger with higher or lower voltage
  22. akbarsha

    akbarsha New Member

    Could u please tell me the original charger for micromax a110 canvas 2?
    Thanks in advance
  23. raiavi

    raiavi New Member

    I too having same EPO data download problem .... unaable to understand the issue...I found GPS navigator is slow...!!! :-( ... what is the other's thought on this..
  24. darbhadinesh

    darbhadinesh Well-Known Member

    Hey sagarwep sir. Are u suggesting to purchase micromax 110

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