How to Root Micromax A52

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  1. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    By this time, many users may get rooted but there is no tutorial for that in androidforums so posting here.
    Plus, I have modded original boot.img of A52 myself and added init.d support plus support for initializing ext2,3,4 modules on boot.

    1) Unsecured boot.img (zip contains unsecured boot.img + A52 scatter file)
    2) SP.FlashTool
    3) Drivers
    4) UnlockRoot

    Note: Use my username as pw to download above files.

    Advantages of my boot.img:
    I have added init.d support plus ext2.ko,ext3.ko & ext4.ko modules initialization on boot.Just place this ko files in /system/lib/modules/ after rooting the device, u will be able to use Link2SD with ext2,3 or 4 filesystems on your 2nd sdcard partition.

    Reference for flashing: MT65x3 flashing tutorial

    Read the above tutorial first so u get idea how to flash an img file using SP FlashTool.


    1) First install the drivers you downloaded & then run SPFlashTool, preferably as administrator (not mandatory)
    2) Select USB mode under Options
    3) Click Scatter-loading & select scatter file you downloaded from above links.
    4) It will automatically load boot.img if it's in the same folder with scatter file otherwise click BOOTIMG & select the downloaded unsecured boot.img
    5) Turn off the device fully, remove the battery for 5 seconds to be sure n re-insert the battery but do not power on device.
    6) Attach the usb cable with PC but not with device
    7) Now click on "Download" button on SPFlashTool, it will show searching for device in lower panel.
    8) At this time, attach the cable with device in power off state
    9) Now as soon as u attach the cable to device in power off state it will show a progress bar in lower panel n then a dialogue which states successfully flashed n another dialogue showing green colored ring n stating Download OK.
    12) Close the dialogues, close the program n reboot the device by pressing power key.


    1. Power on device.
    2. Enable USB Debugging.
    - Settings > Application tab > Applications > Development > USB Debugging
    3. Install UnlockRoot in pc
    4. Attach device using usb cable in debugging mode(u just enabled it in step-2) to pc.
    5. Now Run UnlockRoot program and click Root button
    6. Confirm online device Micromax A52 in the list which pop-up.
    7. Let in finish the procedure and Restart device when is asks.
    8. See new Superuser app in app drawer
    9. Viola...!!! Your A52 is now rooted.

    UnlockRoot does not install Busybox on device so after u rooted the device install busybox to work with many root apps.Search Play Store for Busybox Installer by Jrummy OR BusyBox free by Stericson...

    I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Please do some research if you have any concerns before flashing! YOU are choosing to make these modifications, and if you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

  2. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    bro i hope tutorial is for A52 not A25
  3. arnabghosh

    arnabghosh Well-Known Member

    any progress on custom rom
  4. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    Ya ofcourse, no doubt in that, i was going by A25 rooting tutorial same time so made a typo, nothing else...
  5. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    Of course yes .... it wasn't a complain .... just a reminder
    Hope to see a rom from you
  6. subhasish235

    subhasish235 New Member

    Thanks mastermind...but I have rootet my device with the first boot.img provided in xda...but it is not supporting ex2 partition...hanging at boot as u have made a modified boot.img with ex2 I m asking what should I do to flash ir boot.img at my rooted a52. Should I just flash the img with sp flash tool or do something else
  7. Punkzzzz

    Punkzzzz New Member

    hi mastermind,

    Im stuck at steps to root device point 5. "Now Run UnlockRoot program and click Root button"

    when i click on root button, a pop up asks to install drivers & after clicking yes also the pop up repeats.

    i cant proceed further.
  8. Punkzzzz

    Punkzzzz New Member

    rooted by using superoneclick!!!
  9. kartikoli

    kartikoli Well-Known Member

    i too faced this problem but its because of the absent adb drivers
    i just start super1click and press root button it will ask for adb drivers

    now you can use unlockroot as well
  10. vsantosh3010

    vsantosh3010 New Member

    Thanx mastermind! I was able to root my micromax a52 by following your instructions.
    What I would now want to know is,
    1) how do I remove the stock apps provided by micromax from the phone to free up space.
    2) do i need to install busybox in order to do that?

    Could you or anyone from the forum please guide me here??

    Many thanx...
  11. amitsan

    amitsan New Member

    Thank you very much Bro mastermind1024!!!!
    I did in jus 5~7 mins...superbbbb..
    You really did a great job...simply great.....

    mastermind1024 rocks!!!!really rocks!!
  12. sidhuz

    sidhuz New Member

    thanks mastermind for a brilliant tutorial. a52 owners are getting problem with adb drivers so few tips on it will be welcomed.
  13. PreetSaluja

    PreetSaluja New Member

    As I am new I cannot post direct link to it. Just go to YouTube and search for PhotoshopNSonyvegas and on my channel you will find the video. or just type this after going to YouTube...add it after the main adress:
  14. chaitanyaarige

    chaitanyaarige New Member

    this is not working
  15. dectg

    dectg New Member

    @mastermind ...
    Can you please explain how you have managed to extract the ramdisk? We have the same phone in Bangladesh with different brand. Just need help extracting ramdiskm, as i always get "not a gunzip" error while trying with gzip
  16. cooldude007

    cooldude007 New Member

    If u will provide me boot.img of ur phone i will try to make ..juz gimme ua file ..
  17. jj4u

    jj4u New Member

    wanting to root my A52 (1st time rooting) although i have galaxx s i9000 wanting to try it first on A-52, i had to visit here, i liked the details on mastermind 1024, but failed to download file even after using pw as password , please help to safely root a52.
    JJ NAZ
  18. NafeesTyagi

    NafeesTyagi New Member

    By same method i got root but when i gave my phone to mmx service center they changed my motherboard and now i am unable to root again its dhowing error that partition size has change
  19. NafeesTyagi

    NafeesTyagi New Member

    By same method i got root but when i gave my phone to mmx service center they changed my motherboard and now i am unable to root again its showing error that partition size has change
    Plz help how to get back root
  20. patelvivekv

    patelvivekv New Member

    i have tried your steps but whenever i click download button in spflashtool and connect micromax a52 it says error 16008 [android] partition size changed!

    well i will tell my history about why i want to root...
    due to too many pattern wrong as well as gmail account sign in by my friend an done hard reset after that it says invalid IMEI number so i want to root write back my IMEI number....please help me here...
    thanks in advance.......
  21. nikkaundilya

    nikkaundilya New Member

    Is there any other way which is safer.... i.e. not having risk of getting your phone bricked
  22. nikkaundilya

    nikkaundilya New Member

    Is there any other way of rooting this phone
  23. nikkaundilya

    nikkaundilya New Member

    Is it necessary to change boot.img . please explain!

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