How to Root Micromax A85

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  1. vibhakarl

    vibhakarl Member

    Dear all,
    Yes I am a complete noob,
    please help me to root my Micromax A 85 coz to be very frank Even igyan version on 2.3.4 suck in many ways.
    1) Horrible low voice problem
    2)Bad Signal receiving strength
    3) Sad hang issue at least 5 times day,
    4) boot screen sucks.

    more over verion of ninad chaudri to flash using their boot.img doesn't work :mad:

    Now please help me with step by step method to root my device. as I want to use/try [ROM] JetMOD

  2. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    if you run on 2.2,
    just use z4root !

    if you are running on 2.3 ,
    use zurgrush :)

    The disclaimer can be found in the ATR guide :rolleyes:
  3. vibhakarl

    vibhakarl Member

    Thanks Ninad, z4root works like a magic but cant trace down zurgrush download link plz help...plz...
  4. zeus_hunt

    zeus_hunt Active Member

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