How to root my galaxy 5 with Froyo???

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  1. lugopaco

    lugopaco Active Member

    Hi guys!! Recently I've acquired a Samsung Galaxy 5 (GT-I5500L). But It have already the Froyo in it. I`ve been trying to root it; tried with the Universal Androot to deal with the 2.2 version but it says that No Fu goo (failed the rooting), tried with the Z4 root but when it is rooting it closes and vibrates like when a process is wrong with the Android device and it has to be closed and still no success. I decided to "reinstall" the Froyo just like in Tweaks and hacks for Galaxy 5 (I5500 & I5503): How to Install Android 2.2 (Froyo) Samsung Galaxy5 (I5500 and I5503) says but when I'm trying to "upload" the files to the phone with Odin, it stays in the "<1> odin mode.. check plcatform verification." part. I have been waiting for more than an hour with no progress. I've my Kies closed and the Odin already detects the port of the phone.

    Do I have to "downgrade" the phone to 2.1 to root it and how can I make it?? Can I get to 2.3 (gingerbread) with my phone????


  2. webzy

    webzy Member

    aahhhhh nonononono u need to root before u can flash !!!! look for superoneclick that will root unroot root cheack ectect u cant beet it it is easy to use and works i no ive used it over 50 times now, and yes u can get gingerbread 2.3.3/4/5 with cm7 but what u realy want is to get 2.3.7 !!! with cyanogenmod 7.1 (cm7.1) look for it on xda developers site read thru it has meny meny instalation guides over the net if u look for them this is a custom rom so u can do allsorts of cool stuff with it like overclocking ur cpu and theaming everything even the market will change with certen theams its proper good and if u use the latest v1.6 and batfix 4 with it its 99.9% stable ie works as good as if not better than stock rom cheack it out if u get any problems or need more help (for annything at all related to our fone) u can e-mail me at webzy18 @ googlemail .com (without spaces had to put them in to post lol) hope this helped.
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  3. lugopaco

    lugopaco Active Member

    Many Many Many Many Many Many thanks!!!! =D The superoneclick worked for me like a charm!! =D It only stopped one time, I rebooted mi cel, tried it again and now I've got the power of a rooted with superusers phone!!!

    I started to read about the ROMS and I'm pretty scared =S So you also own the samsung 5??? All the hardware functions are working good for you??? Because I am also making a school project with my device using comunications with wifi and bluetooth and I don't want to buy other phone just because one part of the hardware is'nt working good.

    Again thank you so much!! You are the best.
  4. shuriken030

    shuriken030 Member

    A possible couple of corrections here. I don't think you need to root before flashing. Flashing (a whole ROM) replaces the system anyway so you'll need to root after flashing.

    Best way to flash this device is SuperOneClick but also you need to get something like Superuser off Market to enable the requests for when you start doing things like adb shell or installing apps that need root access.
  5. I can't get superoneclick to work for me. I've enabled usb debugging, but it just doesn't manage it.
    It's Android 2.2 and I'm pretty sure it says Froyo somewhere.
    I'd like to install android 4.4.2 KitKat using CyanogenMod if possible. Also, if it's like the S3 mini I have then being able to store and run apps from the SD card would be useful. You can't do this as standard which just seems restrictive.

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