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How to Root my Recently ICS Updated Droid 4

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  1. JSFEcho

    JSFEcho New Member

    My previously rooted Droid 4 had the Verizon ICS update applied yesterday and appears to no longer be rooted as expected.

    I can't seem to be able to locate any info on how to root it now that it is on ICS. One of the things I want to do is to use the Hotspot feature as I used it before. I don't think the apps for unrooted phones will work for very long.

    Any info or ideas would be helpful.


  2. gremor

    gremor Member

    I'm in the same boat, looks like after the update no root.

    Wi Fi hot spot not working as it did before update.
  3. rickrabies

    rickrabies Well-Known Member

    this should be in the all things root section.

    so this went out yesterday? i have a rooted D4 and i had this morning a "cannot connect to server" error and a weird square icon....


    i went to settings-about phone-system update.
    says im up to date and im still on the same 2.3
  4. JSFEcho

    JSFEcho New Member

    This is the Droid 4 all things root section.
  5. gremor

    gremor Member

    OK, after messin around with the phone a little TB still says the phone is rooted.

    Could not figure out why WiFi Tether was not working so I installed FoxFi and the hot spot works now?

    Not sure I like the ICS change, probably will get better with more use.

  6. Airman1947

    Airman1947 Member

    All I did was backup my root with the Voodoo OTA app before I downloaded the Verizon OTA ICS update, and then used it to restore my root...that probly doesn't help much, but just thought I'd throw that out there. Sorry :p
  7. rickrabies

    rickrabies Well-Known Member

    How did u get the ota ics?
  8. Airman1947

    Airman1947 Member

    Not sure I understand what you're asking. Do you mean literally, how did I get the update to download? If so, I went into Settings and clicked About Phone, and then hit System Updates. It found the update and downloaded and installed it.

    I used Voodoo OTA to unroot the phone temporarily, and I purposefully didn't touch any bloatware so that it would install correctly.
  9. rickrabies

    rickrabies Well-Known Member

    i asked you at the time when system update told me my phone was up to date. i was curious how ics went out and i didnt get it. i got the notification now. but it killed my phone. warrenty woot
  10. Airman1947

    Airman1947 Member

    Oohhh ok. Yeah, I think that the update went out in "phases" as Verizon called it, so it hadn't gotten to you yet. Sorry to hear that it messed your phone up. Glad you could use the warranty.
  11. nabour

    nabour Member


    I was in same boat -- had root on Droid4, then the ics upgrade hit and root gone.

    Following information from this board (and others), I first performed a factory reset, just to get the system running smoothly.

    Then I went here, and followed the very, very simple directions. (As an aside, I tried to root from another site earlier and it didn't work.) This one did -- be sure, though to update the drivers first, as instructed. After the root everything works great. Just finished backing everything up with Titanium Backup.



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